Monday, 24 February 2014

Any Chance?

To be honest, I wasn't going to go in for it this year. Don't misunderstand me, it was completely fabulous and such a confidence boost to win twice- I know-can you believe it? But it's true and I've got the badges to prove it! The thing is though, over the last few months, I've been trying to concentrate more on writing fiction, (don't even ask how it's going), and yet, I always find myself being drawn back here, time and again, to shoot the breeze with you lovely lot!

I'm also utterly crap at the whole PR side of things, which is, believe it or not, of great importance if you want to grow your blog and get it noticed. One blogger I know estimates that she spends just as much time doing the whole social media/ blogging platforms side of things,  as she does writing. Whereas I basically write something, hit the Facebook button ...and eh, that's it....Which could possibly be why her blog is going from strength to strength, and mine is, well, just puttering along.

Another issue is that as a rule, I'm not really into doing reviews on the blog...although yes, before you remind me, I DID sell my soul for a free Sodastream a while back, but what can I say, except that I'm only human! (And maybe this is also a good time to state that I'd also be willing to make an exception for any airlines or champagne distributors out there who'd like anything reviewed, anything at all...call me... we'll do lunch.)

Last, but not least, I don't particularly like asking you to do stuff...like voting for me, for example- I always feel a bit awkward and pushy about it. So when the MAD blogs 2014 were launched last week, and there was all kinds of frenzied activity all over Facebook and Twitter, I decided to just ignore it and give it a miss this year.

Then something happened last night. I got a tweet telling me that I'd been nominated, so even though I hadn't mentioned it or asked at all- someone, somewhere had decided to go and vote for me...and I gotta say, I was very very touched. But then I found myself in a dilemma, do I just ignore the nomination or ask once again, for your help? And seeing as I'm writing a post about it, you' ve probably guessed it's the latter.
MAD Blog Awards
So peeps, if you have a minute-and I promise that's all it takes, would you pop over here and cast your vote for Adventures of an Unfit Mother? It would be A-MAZING to get through to the finals again AND raise my profile a bit too.

You see, sometimes on a down day I ask myself why I'm writing at all, and question who on earth would want to read what I have to say, and then I look at all the lovely feedback, and I remember that lots of you took the time to vote for me last year...and the year before that, and I feel very lucky.

So if you're still with me, and haven't dozed off,  would you mind doing it again? You can nominate me in as many categories as you like- and I'd be very flattered if you did - but I'm thinking that my blog slots pretty well into the 'Schooldays' one?

Finally, what can I say now except thank you, I really DO appreciate it massively ....and I'll keep you posted!
 Emma xx


  1. Well you've got to be in it to win it and you are a very serious contender in my eyes! Good luck lovely.
    Oh and if you hear from any airline/champagne companies then pass their details my way too as i may be willing to make an exception also ;) x

    1. And I nominated you in several other categories too - though not the schooldays one! Mags

  2. Oh Em - I already nominated you earlier today Mags

  3. Katie- I voted for you too! Thanks so much babexxx and Mags- you're a wee star- thank you. I so appreciate it. Xxx

  4. I think you fit more categories than just School Days (Besides I'm gunning for that one so hands off!!!) - Entertaining? Family Fun? Blog of the Year? You name it, you suit it! Good luck lovely x