Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday Quicktakes

1. So it's all over for another year, and if I'm honest, I'm kind of relieved. The Christmas decorations are down, all except for the crib anyway- I like to give the Three Kings a victory lap-but come Sunday, their five minutes are up and they AND their camel are off to the attic.
 I'd also forgotten how busy this first week in January inevitably is-if  I wasn't making appointments (doctors, orthodontist, dentist, optician), I was driving small people to and from them. I've also been planning our January parties - two boys have birthdays this month -which in hindsight, was exceptionally bad financial planning on our part.

2. January's depressing, non? The darkness, the shitty weather, the credit card bills, the diet and fitness ads...Unless of course  you're a celeb in which case right about now, you're en route first class to Barbados. I don't like to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty certain that I'd make a wonderful celebrity. I've given it a lot of thought and I'd go for uber glam obvs (think a post modern Mrs H), effortlessly mixing designer with high street, while clearly still in touch with my roots and more than happy tochat to my fans. I'd be involved in lots of worthy charity work, to offset all the free designer shoes and handbags, and I'd definitely make a point of popping on to Desert Island Discs  to chat with my bestie Kirsty. (Girl crush, anyone?) Hmmmm, possibly toooo much thought has gone into this.

3. Back in the real world, I can't complain really, because after a super busy December the New Year started, rather fabulously, with a few rose- mantic nights away just Himself and Myself. And in case you're wondering, I'm very pleased to report that, we still got it going on, baby!

It's a joy to realise that you're not  too old for silliness-like getting your face painted with shamrocks and glitter-and that you haven't completely forgotten what's it's like to just enjoy each other's company, without being distracted about what to leave out from the freezer for tomorrow's dinner,  or whose homework needs checked, or which bin needs putting out.

 To have time to look back and reflect, and look forward and dream, and to make each other laugh or just be in the silence. I'm really glad we didn't make too many plans - it meant that we lived in the moment- one day all we did was walk hand in hand by the river after staying in bed till lunchtime! A decadently lovely, deliciously sexy few days..........I'll savour the memories while I'm peeling the spuds later!

4. Despite January's shortcomings, it does somewhat redeem itself  with the sales. During our little trip a deux,  I managed to twist his arm and drag him off to the outlets in Kildare.Which actually meant that while I lusted after various handbags, he went elsewhere to wash the car and check the tyre pressure! I DID get a few bits and pieces, including a gorgeous weekender bag by Cath Kidston for the Caravilla, but overall I showed admirable restraint.
Online was a different matter -once Johnny had thoughtfully emailed me to let me know that the Boden sale had just hit 70% discount, I was feverish with  excitement. I instantly snapped up this leopard  print bag (£149 to £44) and these velvet boot slippers (£45 to £11.40). Two key purchases that'll take me anywhere...and very possibly together.

5. Finally, this week's car seat boogie is a little piece of nostalgia. I was reminded of it when both Miranda Hart AND Ant and Dec chose it as one of their tracks on Desert Island Discs. Morecambe and Wise- you s bring me back to my childhood and make me smile.... January, you  can do one.

Enjoy and Happy Friday lovelies. Xx


  1. It sounds as though you have had a busy busy start to the month. We give our Christmas crib a bit longer too, but they kings and their camel and the rest of the entourage have gone upstairs to be packed away now!! Glad you had a nice few days away. xx

  2. Oh that just cheered me up! Dublin sounds dreamy...a well deserved break indeed. And we are slipper twins...though I'd far rather be handbag twins right now. Off to check Johnnie's bargains again! Ax

  3. Laughed out loud at the 3 kings victory lap!

    How did I miss those bargains in the boden sale? I love Boden bags, I have a couple and they've lasts so well.

    Glad I am not the only one that a) listens to DID each week (usually while preparing Sunday lunch) and b) noticed they both chose bring me sunshine. Made me smile, as does the song


  4. Gorgeous bag, and what a bargain ... I have serious bag envy right at this moment :-)