Thursday, 7 November 2013

Boston Bound

I'm in the departure lounge at Dublin airport waiting on my flight to Boston to be called. Yeah, me! Usually at exactly this time on any ordinary Thursday, I'd be doing a grocery shop-I know this because that's what I've done every Thursday in living memory. Not today Sweetcheeks, because I've just finished a coffee and a large bar of chocolate and made full use of the free wifi throughout the airport. I even briefly considered ordering a glass of wine- why not, all bets are off today- but then my sensible head prevailed... at least until I meet my sister later.

I'm currently surrounded by American accents, a rash of tweed caps and a good few Guiness jumpers. There's also several parents toting toddlers and infants and lots of bags and prams. I've especially noticed them because that's  usually me, or it was, for the longest time.

I remember well those many trips back and forth from Washington over the years. I remember the horrified looks on our fellow passengers' faces, as a cranky Duffy's Circus made its way down the aisle towards them. (I totally understood and even sympathised, but what could we do?) I remember many flights punctuated by crying, and vomiting and the endless walking up and down the aisle, soothing and rocking, dead on my feet. I definitely remember jealously eyeing the lucky ones with their magazines and their books and their headphones and their movies. I longed to be bored again on a flight and wonder how to fill three more hours,  instead of praying that the baby cutting off the blood supply in my leg would stay asleep just for a wee while longer.

But not today my lovelies! Do you know how many magazines I've got in my (non baby) bag? Eight AND a book! And if I don't feel like reading, no problemo, I've got an audio book just to listen to quietly with my eyes closed. Or how about those inflight movies (I'm thinking Gatsby), and NEWSFLASH, if I still can't fill the time there's Wifi on board the flight- surfing in the sky- imagine

The funny thing is though, maybe if I hadn't personally lived through all of 'Nightmare Flights with
Kids' volumes 1-3, I wouldn't appreciate the luxury of a solo six hour flight in Economy. (Key word- solo). Anyway I (literally) must fly! Catch you on the other side of the pond, Emx


  1. Have a lovely time Emma - so well deserved. I'm envious reading this! Can't wait to hear all about it and see what amazing shoes you pick up Stateside xx

  2. Sounds like pure heaven, i have forgotten what it's like to read a magazine in peace. Have a fantastic break!

  3. Oh enjoy enjoy enjoy. I had a weekend away sans children and OH last week and it was so relaxing, so enjoyable ... I could go on. ENJOY.

  4. Things I like:
    1. every Thursday in living memory
    2. as a cranky Duffy's Circus made its way down the aisle towards them
    3. everything you write.
    Bon voyage.