Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tattoo Anyone?

My lovelies, I've something to share with you and I don't quite know how to say it so I'm just going to say it really fast - I'MTHINKINGABOUTGETTINGATATTOO! Thinking about it, haven't completely decided yet but seriously considering it. I know what you're thinking, and yes, I'm getting a distinct whiff of midlife crisis about the whole idea myself, but is that a reason NOT to do it?

Because this isn't something that I wish I'd done when I was younger- Oh No! I was the goody two shoes who wouldn't even get her ears pierced twice, never mind get a tattoo and I remember saying, with all the sweeping arrogance of my twenties  'Oh no! Imagine getting it now and then going off it. Or worse, being eighty and ancient and all wrinkly with a tat!'

Now though, and (only just !) past the midway to eighty point, I think 'Feck it! I don't care if I'm eighty with a wrinkly tattoo.' Frankly, I think I'd just be happy to still be around and I rather suspect my concerns would be more about being healthy, living a good life and loving my family, rather than worrying what others thought of Granny's tramp stamp.

Anyway, the cheeky, bold and utterly thran part of me (yep, it's there!) might even be inclined to flaunt it on occasion, just for my own amusement you understand, at the chiropractor's office for example, or the bridge club or even in the Classic department in Marks and Spencer's. Who knows? And one might even argue, that it would hint at a life lived fully... chances taken.... being comfortable in ones own skin?

 First, of course there's the very important decisions of what to get and where to get it, and this is where I'm a bit stuck.  I thought about getting it on my upper arm, but there's NO WAY I'm drawing more attention to the bingo wings - I need arm spanx for those bad boys, not a tattoo.

So I thought for about a microsecond about getting one on my hip or my stomach, but only when hell freezes over would I allow a tattoo artist anywhere near my 'zone'....and anyway, I'm blessed to have acquired a few 'natural' tattoos there thanks to five big babies.
Are you sure????
And as for doing a Cheryl Cole- puh-leez! I mean, what's the point when no one would ever get to see it? (Loverboy doesn't count.) For goodness sake, I couldn't even see it myself without a full length mirror and I'm fairly certain it would cost an arm and a leg to get my (rather more ample than Cheryl's) derrière  covered with roses.

Sooooo, so far I've narrowed it down to three body parts-the back of my neck (which you'd only see when my hair's up), my ankle or my inner wrist. I'm thinking fairly small and discreet- no giant spider webs, reptiles or anchors. Oh, and definitely no writing in languages I don't understand, which always seems a leetle bit pretentious, and anyway it could be list of groceries on there and I wouldn't know the difference.

I kinda like it!
I think my problem is, knowing what I don't want but not what I do, but I'm pretty certain my lifelong love affair with leopard print or shoes isn't likely to wane anytime soon, so that seems like a good bet? I may even combine the two?
 Or perhaps something more meaningful- like a few inspiring words or one with a family oriented theme? Or maybe I'm just over thinking it and a butterfly or a star or a cute little dolphin would be just the ticket.
So there you are, Peeps, I've put it out there and now I'd really love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter-for or against, I don't mind! And as long as it doesn't include my birth date in Arabic, a Chinese proverb or a dripping bleeding heart, I'm open to any and all suggestions as well.
Laters lovelies, Emx 


  1. Em - I got my tattoo when I was 46 - some 15 years ago and I still love it. It is a butterfly on my right ankle - sort of the front of my foot rather than the side. it's just blue - no colouring in. Because of where it is it's usually covered and hopefully less likely to sag or stretch?? I will say tho that it was painful but it only lasts while it is actually being done. Unlike childbirth tho - I didn't give it another go. You go for it girl!! Mags

  2. Oh, you are a mind reader! Up until recently I'd never considered a tattoo, now I'm thinking... Just this morning I was walking past a place and wondered if I'd ever be brave enough! I know a 70 year old who treated herself, under her watch, so she can show/ hide easily as she feels. I'm closer to 50 than 40, but it may well take me to 70 to actually do something about it :)

  3. I got one, shortly after moving back from the States. Mainly wanted one because i'm the last person people wud think wud have one.

    One thing bout ur choices of location. The ankle is supposed to b v v v painful. I'v it on my lower back to the side, bout hip bone. Plenty more fat there so not as sore.

    Go for it! Why not!

  4. I got my second (!) one done this summer Ems on my big trip back to the Emerald isle. When my bro in law sends me the pic I will email it to you - its lurverly. Its all different coloured ribbons and flowers. Ask Jen. A great girl down in Bray did it :-) K

  5. Sorry, but I'm biased the other way, as I just have no desire to get a tattoo. That shouldn't put you off, of course. My only warning is this- will we be reading your award winning blog (huge congrats, by the way) in a year's time to find you looking for ways to say No to one of the kids who wants to get an anchor tattoed on their forearm, or a girlfriend's/boyfriend's name?
    Just food for thought! Could be harder than the mobile phone discussions. Oh! even more tricky will be when you post a photo of your hypothetical tattoo on this blog and then warn your children not to post personal photos of themselves on social media.
    So hard being a parent- or so I'm told :)

  6. I have a tattoo of a Disney bird from bambi - igot it when i was on holiday at 17 years old. It's horrendous and looks even worse now but i still love it, reminds me of such carefree times :) Luckily i also chose to get it on my bottom so you can't actually see it unless i choose to show you!

    Anyway i say go for it - how much can you possibly regret it?!

  7. For what it's worth, I think the ankle is probably the best of your three options - and I don't have a tattoo, so I'm unbiased. My sister has on on her wrist - I don't like it. The neck is a no-no for me. So, go for the ankle....if you must go for one at all!

  8. I've never considered a tattoo as I'd be stuck for a god design too.And I'm a wimp.My mum celebreated her 40th with a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder.I hope yu find something you like and don't regret it after.

  9. I waited until my father passed away before I got a tattoo, since he hated them. Anyways mine is on the side of my ankle and reaches to my knee. I have 3 dragonflies, each representing one of my children (there is always some water & reeds). I love my tattoo, and will be getting another, I'm thinking my shoulder blade.