Monday, 30 September 2013

Monday Matters

Monday morning, and I've got myself a stinker of a cold so don't come anywhere near me in case you catch it. My uncle once advised to 'feed a cold and starve a flu', which despite having no medical basis whatsoever, conveniently justified the huge plates of buttered toast in front of 'Going for Gold'. Unfortunately though, today is my 5:2 fast day...and here's a fun fact for you- Lemsip has actual calories which therefore must be counted, which is just wrong.

Anyway, moving on from the pity party, tomorrow's October- can you believe it? Especially after that glorious balmy weekend we just enjoyed, and so much for my annual autumnal wardrobe clear out a few weeks ago-sure,the t shirts were hoked out all over again!

This weeks busy for me- I'm starting New Stuff. Stuff that I couldn't do before I had ALL five children at school, and to quote Roald Dahl's Enormous Crocodile, (I've clearly been at home with children for far too long), 'I've got secret plans and clever tricks'.
Which isn't entirely true, but I've always wanted to say that, and actually, as it happens, this week I'm starting a  writing class, AND, (slightly more scarily), a two year course exploring faith and spirituality. I know! Who knew?

On top of that, I've decided to polish up my vocal chords and try and make a little cash singing at weddings and funerals. Which isn't really new for me- I've been singing at them for years on and off, mostly for family and friends. The difference is that I've never sought them out before, and that's mainly been down to a)a lack of time and b)a shed load of nerves.

So, I'd been half considering a few lessons to help with my confidence and tighten up certain key  pieces, when last week I spotted a Groupon deal, bought it on the spot and my first singing lesson in twenty years is this week as well. No pressure then. Oh, and despite feeling like a bit of a grim reaper, I stuck my name in the church bulletin stating my availability for funerals, but no luck as yet.....that actually sounds bad but you know what I mean!

In case you're wondering, with all this talk of change afoot, I've put the tattoo idea on the back burner for now. Honestly, I had no idea it would be such a polarising topic when I put it on the blog, and it certainly led to a lively discussion on Facebook - everyone has VERY definite opinions on the matter! I really loved hearing them all too, but I can't deny that it gave me a leetle bit of a speed wobble about the whole idea!

 Now, that may be because I hadn't thought it through properly, and was therefore somewhat undecided in the first place (in which case the wobble's a good thing) .... or it could be that, in general, I have a tendency to doubt the validity of my own decisions in the face of adversity (which isn't such a good thing when you think about it.)

Either way though, I shall think deep thoughts and decide ...just not right now. Because right now, my nose is running and my eyes are scratchy and my head is fuzzy and I'm going to go throw caution to the winds  and treat myself to that Lemsip and sod the 5:2. Peace out lovelies xx


  1. Hope you feel better very soon.

  2. Good luck on the New Stuff and get well soon xx