Monday, 12 August 2013

A Little Piece of Monday

I'm sitting here in the Caravilla, on a very 'Irish' August morning (blustery and rainy with brief moments of sunshine), and amazingly I'm basking in 5 minutes of blissful silence. Loverboy is working away down the hall....which sounds deceptively spacious, especially when, in fact, it's the smallest room in the world and only five short steps away behind a paper thin door.

Meanwhile, the washing machine in the shed outside, is whipping its way up to a final frenzied spin, and soon I'm going to have to make the decision, as to whether it's worth hanging yet another load of washing out between showers. I strongly suspect that several of our Caravilla neighbours believe that I spend my entire life out at our blue whirly line...but they'd be wrong - it's a mere 90%.
 And yes, getting a washing machine up here has been wonderful -strictly from a laundry point of view, you understand, I'm not THAT sad....or perhaps I am, because between you and me, and given the ongoing drying issues, I definitely see a new (to me) tumbledryer on the horizon for next year. Which would be tote amaze and make my life complete obvs.

On the pet front, Arthur our dog, (new name, NOT Coburn....stay awake at the back), has unfortunately had the scoots for the last day or so. (TMI?) Blessedly though, that's NOT my territory....except for the bed washing part, and in truth,  it MAY possibly have been  caused by the pig's trotter I treated him to the other day (totally disgusting and who knew you could even buy pigs trotters, or that they had nails!?) but he loved it....at the time anyway.

The older kids have gone on a bike ride, while the younger ones are playing  in the park a short distance from our front window. Luke has an old 'Football Special' bottle (a Donegal delicacy) and I'm  NOT going to ponder too deeply where he got it from, because he's been happily mixing sand and water in it for over an hour.  Buckets and spades are soooo last year, don't ya know.

Speaking of fashion forward, if you look at any group of kids here, you'll notice that no matter what age they are, almost all of them are sporting a type of hoody, which are the very latest in caravan chic! They come in a whole range of bright colours and have a shark shaped logo on the front, and are VERY much coveted. Sold by a surf shop in the village called Jaws- who incidentally MUST be just delighted with themselves-  they've  become de rigeur for the kidlets here, the ability to surf being entirely optional. Genius.

Now I must be off- my peaceful five minutes have long since timed out, and I predict  a stampede of  baying, hungry, hoodie- clad small people are about to descend and ruin my happiness. Or at the very least demand their lunch. Happy Monday y'all xx


  1. let me know when you are back, as i ned the craic my Lukey gives me at those thursday morning brunches

  2. Sounds lovely (apart from all the washing). I don't know how you cope without a dry. It is good that the kids are so sporty, and imaginative.

  3. aah...those rare moments of peace. I blog in them too ;)

    You should hang your washing like bunting!