Monday, 29 July 2013

Say What?

Cormac- (age 9)- Mammy, why are there no families like ours on the ads on TV?

Me- What do you mean?

Cormac- Well, they all have a Mammy with blonde hair, a Daddy with dark hair and only one boy and one girl. There's never any that look like our family!


Overheard- Jude making camping plans with a friend....

M- Which garden will we pitch the tent in tonight- yours or mine?

Jude-Whichever house has the best cereals for breakfast. Lets go check!


Rory (age 7) - Mammy, I'm a scientist and I've just done an amazing experiment- I've discovered that I'm able to taste with my feet! N put crisps on the ground and I knew just by rubbing my feet on them that they were salt and vinegar! Isn't that amazing??

Me- But how did you know you were right, Rory?

Rory- I ate them afterwards to make sure.


Boy- There's a girl in my class and she's a quadrilateral.

Me- Hmmmm?

Boy- Yes, she's got three other sisters all born on the same day as she was!



  1. Could've been worse - he could have said quadruped! My cousin's 6yo once asked her if they were Catholics or Prostitutes!!

  2. Uuugh to the crisps! But, so funny :)

  3. hahaha..qaudrilateral...brilliant!