Thursday, 25 July 2013

Random Thursday Thoughts

1. Post holiday blues all round this week, which in real terms means piles of laundry, cranky children,  a messy house and tight jeans. And yet there's something a little comforting about routine don't you think? We hate it and yet we crave it, so I made lots of lists, got back on the old 5:2,  puffed my way through the couch to 5k, tightened up a little on the house rules (nagged A LOT) and set earlier bedtimes (No arguments-now means NOW!) Yes, indeedy, and maybe some day soon I'll smugly reap the fruits of that last sentence too... can I get an Amen? 

2. Newsflash! The brilliant news this week is that my brother James, his wife Jaci and their four gorgeous kidlets are moving back to Ireland from California. For good....or at least until they get sick of all of us and/or the weather. (I give it a year!) Joking aside though, I honestly couldn't be happier to have y'all here. Cead mile failte James, Jaci, Shay, Mark, Saiorse and Liam xxx

3 Flies- don't you just HATE them! The little buggers are so fast, and I'm really not too keen on spraying chemicals at them, and even less keen on picking them out of the fly swatter, but never fear, because as luck would have it, I only happen to be married to The Lord of the Flies, who has his own special way of dealing with this seasonal irritation.
 He creeps stealthily across the kitchen, (think Mr Incredible) hose in hand and with practised precision he sucks them up one by one. My  hero!  (Reading over that last sentence, it sounds a leetle bit  rude...completely unavoidable, I'm afraid.)

4. I'm off to see the theatre tonight to see 'Tuesdays with Morrie' ...just Loverboy and me!  I read the book ages ago in Bookclub, but even though I've all but forgotten it, I DO remember crying a little bit, which means I MUST have enjoyed it.   Kid free, a pre theatre sauvignon, comfy theatre seats....you had me at kid free! (Yes, its been a bit of a day today- can you guess?)

5. Linking on rather masterfully from my last point, there WAS a moment though, when we went into Boots-( no Aftersun in the house and Jude's legs are like a pair of beacons- bad mother)- when this happened...and it made me laugh. Cos sometimes, even you're in the middle of a busy shop, you hear a certain song and you just gotta dance!


  1. AMEN and enjoy because soon they get too big for bedtimes and you WILL be in bed before them...

  2. 1. AMEN!
    2.Great news, hope they move safely back and don't leave when they realise how blooming cold it really is
    3.I chase flies with a sticky tab thing. It's a bit lethal if a child gets in the way, with the long hair and all ;-)
    4.Hope you enjoyed you free time (what's that again!?) and 5. Cute!

  3. Great dancing by Luke! What was the tune that inspired him to bust out those moves?