Monday, 8 July 2013

And the Livin' is Easy

This time last year the rain was torrential. This time last year the wind was gale force. I remember this very well because we had just spent a small fortune acquiring a Caravilla in Donegal - as our sole holiday destination until at least 2025.

I remember one particular moment as I gazed out at two year old Luke on the deck, waterproofed from head to toe , rain running in rivulets off the unused barbecue behind him and I'll admit that i felt a certain, let's call it, disquiet. Between you and me though, right then a thought bubble over my head would have clearly read ' WTF have we done?'

But sure, in the end it was grand, weather wise the summer predictably leveled out  into your typical Irish mixed bag of a wee bit of everything.....sometimes we got lucky and sometimes we didn't, but we all fell in love with Donegal regardless.

And now a year on? Well would you believe that today it's 27 degrees and there's not a waterproof in sight? The skies are blue, the kids are in in swimsuits and we're nearly out of factor 50!
This morning I hosted a (paddling) pool party on our deck, while us mamas sat and drank coffee and ate peaches. Later on I'll load the pram to capacity with hats and buckets, spades and rugs, drinks and sunscreen, and we'll weave our way dangerously to the beautiful beach just down the path. We'll get freckles and a 99 and wander back when the notion takes us...I actually think I feel a song coming on.


I hope that sun shines today on you too. Catch ya in the long grass, Emxxxx


  1. Sounds idyllic! Long may it last eh?! X

  2. Isn't it just perfect Emma? It's 27 degrees here in Somerset too. have a wonderful holiday :-)

  3. :) We are on holiday in Spain - glorious here too! x

  4. thought of you the other day and thought how jammie you are getting this fab weather on your jollies xx