Friday, 28 June 2013

Work in Progress

 Here's a sneaky peak at a few of those home improvements I've been telling/boring you about. It may not look like much but, oh my goodness, it all takes time!
We'd a bit of a panic putting up the curtains last night- I get so confused when it comes to widths and drops and the like, and when I laid them out they looked utterly enormous for the windows, but I rang 1-800DialYerMa (both mother AND mother in law) and thankfully they were able to talk  me down. It went something like this-
2am and I'm still crackin' the whip!
"So that's 54 inches which is 137 centimetres, times two makes one and a half widths per side, multiply that by 29 and divide by 46 gives you 99 times that minus the poles... and then your drop is 352 multiplied by 5....".Now,to me they may as well have been saying 'jump up and down and then do ten star jumps, turn around and do the hokey pokey"  but I waited ...and waited...and eventually I heard what I wanted to hear which was "Yes, that's OK-go on ahead then and hang them. They'll be grand' ....And they were and I LOVE them!
Our Gumtree fireplace got the Annie Sloane treatment too!
It's not dirty..it's smoked grey!
Ta dah! The new curtains!

But the drama wasn't over there because later when I got up the ladder to put on all the little crystal dangley bits onto the chandelier, I  noticed it was a bit grubby looking, so I grumbled a bit about dirty warehouses and then got stuck into cleaning it with the baby wipes, marvelling at the dirt coming off them. (Arent baby wipes a wondrous invention? Where would we be without them?!)...
It took me quite a while to catch on that my scrubbing was causing the glass to lose its 'smoked grey' fancy finish. Oooops! Never fear, I had a rare brainwave because let's just say that a little bit of black shoe polish worked a treat and restored the look and you'd never be any the wiser....I know what you're thinking 'cos I thought it too-I'm exactly like Kirsty Allsopp, only ginger and without the A line skirt!
Anyway given today being the end of term and the resulting fact that there won't be a quiet moment around here for two whole months, I thought I'd treat you to a wee bit of Alice Cooper-welcome to my world and have a good weekend, Emx


  1. I love the room - we recently painted an old pine coffee table and tv unit and gave them a new lease of life. Far more satisfying than buying new! The fireplace looks gorgeous too.

  2. I've heard so much about Annie Sloane paint recently - have a couple of bookshelves and a desk that definitely need a make-over! Can't believe that is the same coffee table, looks amazing

  3. Gorgeous! I love the curtains. If you are ever in my area -- I have a coffee table and matching end tables that could use the very same treatment. :-) It is in my notebook of things to do....somewhere around line item 4,543,000....lol.

  4. Oooh it's looking fab lovely x