Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday Quick Takes

Works for me!
1.  So, Valentine's Day- how was it with you? Romance central or did you rise above all the overpriced, guilt induced commercialization of it all? Well, I'm afraid you'll have to excuse me while I eat my words from the other day, because I DID receive my card, complete with a 'Perfect Wife' badge,(which I'll be casually wearing next time the M&S bill comes in), AND a rather large bouquet of flowers as well. Ahem.
Well if you MUST know, they were long stemmed roses beautifully wrapped in silvery muslin. Colour? Alright ALRIGHT! They were red!

I'll say no more!

Which meant that although totally blown away when I discovered them on the bed, part of me also realised that, darn it-I was duty bound to out this Valentine cliche on here, while also clocking the fact that Loverboy clearly wasn't the avid reader of my blog I'd assumed him to be! Ah well, sure they're absolutely gorgeous and I'm not thinking AT ALL about the fact they'll be 70% off today. (Oh God- I'm turning into my Ma).

2. Lent. I'm over it already and it's only just started! You see, for some annoying reason I've decided to take it seriously this year-as in to do stuff that tests and strengthens me as as a person, and not just stuff to help me lose a few lbs for Easter. So even though I'd assumed that I'd go off chocolate, in truth, I'm not a MASSIVE chocolate fiend, (one nightly little Lindt ball with a cuppa), so its not a huge sacrifice really.  And anyway, I'm already doing 2 fast days a week, so I reckon I'm pretty much covered in the food deprivation department.
All set for Lent!
Yes, I could go off wine during the week, but by default I don't actually drink wine during the week-too busy making lunches and checking homeworks-so that's hardly a stretch. And I know, I could go off wine altogether and that WOULD be tough, because there's nothing quite like that Friday glass or two at home, or the Saturday night out with friends, but childishly I justify that I've paid my dues with the ten year pregnancy/baby stint so I've a lot of catching up to do in that department!  Maybe I'll rethink circa Lent 2025.
Then I heard  that my good buddy Bronagh was giving up Facebook for Lent, as she also did last year, and I made the snap decision to join her, and seriously- for me, its a biggie! Between my blog, the craic and sheer nosiness of it all,  I do enjoy Facebook....maybe even a bit too much...so I know this is gonna hurt! Once I made the decision though, I quickly deleted the app from my phone and  went cold turkey- I knew that there could be no looking back and no long goodbyes!

As a family, we're also eschewing all electronic devices from 6pm during the week. That means no Leap Pad, DS, computer, IPads or internet of any kind from Monday to Thursday. Considering I watch TV at night while surfing Ebay/Amazon/Facebook on my iPad, this one's a challenge...but again, possibly a positive one? Finally I'm 'strongly encouraging' regular Trocaire donations from all family members (Intimidation anyone?) and attending a weekly series of Lenten talks. Phew! And if I manage to do all that I'll be doing well....watch this space!

3. Staying on the Lenten theme- Bless me Father for I have sinned, I went through my sky + box and deleted the entire series of 'Africa'. I mean what kind of person deletes David Attenborough and saves Gok Wan? It's SO wrong but what can I say?  I didn't like the look of my percentages and once I started hitting that yellow button and feeling that heady excitement as I watched those numbers creep up, I couldn't stop 'til I'd done the lot. And to be completely honest, although I loved the first episode, I found the second a bit 'ho hum' and the kids kept making excuses about homework and piano practice every time I suggested watching it, so unfortunately it was just a question of when. Still I'm not proud of it so that'll be 10 Hail Marys and a Glory Be for me. 

4.  Our 'Carseat Boogie' this week? Well, this song came on the other day and immediately I was transported back  20+ years, watching Otis and the Elevators, (a local 'Blues Brothers' Tribute band) with a pile of friends in a crowded bar. Tassle skirts and DMs, cider and black and White Musk, sneaky fags and cheeky snogs. Good times ....lost in my reverie, I then happened to glance into the rearview mirror and there was Luke, oblivious to me, boogying away in the back, eyes closed, totally lost in the music. Hope you like it too.....Happy Friday loveliesxxx

PS If you haven't already I'd be most grateful if you'd take a wee minute and nominate me in the MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards 2013.( The closing date for nominations is February 18th and just pick whichever categories you think are suitable).
Thanks a million, Emxx


  1. voted for you for best, family life, most entertaining and another one i forget. and did frugal queen for the frugal one.

    Good luck.

    Facebook harder than wine I agree but i check the chil's fb so cant go off it. (facebook that is...)
    I nearly laughed my head off when he got you the roses after the last 'oh so I don't do Valentine blog(except the card) lol We really dont do it except a card and a chocolate bar as our anniversary is on the 19th and much more special - 25 years Jesus!!!!!

    1. 25 years and 5 kids later! Now that really is a huge achievement B!! Hope you two lovebirds celebrate in style :-))

  2. I'm going to out myself on your blog. I'm someone who used to rationalise the whole Valentine's thing- you could have a lovely meal out for the price of those roses, its a cliche and so on. However, after having a lovely red rose bouquet delivered to work unexpectedly, I realised that I kind of loved it. Am also loving the gossip mill at work, which is now in overdrive. I've been having secret smiles of happiness. Maybe these little surprises are allowed, if they don't happen all the time. Can we have a 'once every 10 years' exception rule?

    1. Oh I do so love a romantic mystery- I'm dying to know who it was!! How utterly romantic and thanks for sharing it on here....of course it means you'll have to keep us posted ;-)

  3. Haha - I've given up lent for lent... and taken up more gin :))) ha ;) xx

  4. Now why didn't I think of that!