Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Big Meet

Recently Luke and myself have started going to a  JO Jingles music class on a Friday morning in Moira, and I gotta tell you, its's a big hit. ( Check him out throwing a few moves to the endlessly popular 'Sleeping Bunnies'!)

 Beforehand though, to suitably fortify myself (caffeine drip anyone?), we often  go to my very favourite spot in Moira-The Fat Gherkin- for a smoothie (him) and a latte (me).

Last week, I had arranged to meet, for the first time IRL (In Real Life!) the lovely Dara who writes the fabulous crafty blog- Mum of all Trades. We've been buddies on Twitter until now, and I LOVE her blog- she's so creative and inspiring-you wouldn't believe the things that girl can do with a spray gun! (In stark contrast, you'll be a long time waiting to see any crafts on my blog- I'm so rubbish at them, I start to twitch when the play dough comes out). Coincidentally, she too has four boys and a girl, so we'd loads to chat about and I even got to meet her adorable three year old daughter Olivia. (Although as toddlers do, she and Luke steadfastly ignored each other the entire time!)

(L-R)  Me, Dara and Avril and no, the floor isn't ACTUALLY at that angle!
Then, quite by chance, we heard that Avril Keyes who writes the wonderful School Gate Style blog was ALSO in da house! Who knew The Fat Gherkin was such a magnet for bloggers? I adore Avril's blog,  and amongst other things, I've learned how to tie a scarf in numerous different ways, got a heads up on the upcoming  Boden and M&S sales, and had my say in the ongoing wedge trainer debate. (In case you're interested, IMHO they're so wrong, they're right.)

 So of course, being blog divas, we had to capture the moment for posterity, and thankfully Olwyn, the proprietor, was on hand to snap this shot, which then I instagrammed just for the fun of it.

Staaaaap Already!

 You can't see it, but Dara and myself have a little stash each of The Fat Gherkin's famous caramel squares to take away. Now, I realise that I've told you about them before, so look away now if you're on a diet, because these bad boys are every bit as gorgeous as they look.   (Don't deny it, I KNOW you're having a wee sneaky lick of that screen right now!)
 Ciao bella xxx


  1. Aww…great post! It was fantastic to meet you - how amazing was that?! Definitely do another Friday soon - would be great to catch up properly. Thanks for the mention and your lovely recommendation of my wee blog. Axx

  2. The caramel square was delicious! Thank you for introducing me to them. It was great to finally meet, we will definitely do it again soon.

  3. Right back at ya Dara! See you soon!