Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Made for TV

Ahhh-those were the days....
A few weeks ago my little sister Mary had a beautiful baby girl whom she's named Orla Grace. (She's adorable and I'm clucking like mad, but that's beside the point!)
 Little Orla has one other sibling - her 'big' brother Senan who's almost two, and this was a conversation I had with Cormac (age 8) shortly after he learned of his new cousin's arrival.
 Cormac: 'Mammy, you know the way all the families on TV have two children, and the older one's a boy?
Me: 'Yeeeeeesss?'
C: Well, Auntie Mary has one of those families now!'
M: 'Are those the only families that are on TV?' 
C: ' Emmmmmm, I can't think of any others....and there's DEFINITELY none as big as ours!'
Yep, he's definitely got a point, and unlike me, he's much too young to remember The Waltons. G'night John Boy! G'night Mary Ellen!


  1. Yip, had those sort of conversations...so funny