Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Little Miss Busy

You would think that now that the summer holidays have begun, and the kids have finished school, life might slow down a little. I know that I was secretly hoping to have a wee bit of time to read, and to blog, and to sip lattes, and who knows maybe I will....but it won't be this week!
 Now, don't get me wrong, there's a lot to love about this week, with plans afoot with friends and family, but right here, right now, it just seems as though I've an awful lot of hoops to jump through first. You know when you feel really overwhelmed, and there's so much to do, that you don't actually know where to start? Yeah, that...which is why I'm stalling and writing a blog post instead!
 But I thought that maybe if I wrote it all down, I'd get a better handle on things, so here it is in no particular order.
  •  Prepare and host a meal for friends-About 24 adults and kids in all, but I'm keeping it real and doing a chilli. (thanks Roisin!) 
  • Go to Argos to return stuff and buy more stuff for the caravilla. 
  • Go to Ikea to return stuff and buy more stuff for the caravilla. 
  •  Make short videos of the kids and upload them for Mad Blog Awards website. 
  • Write a blog post or maybe even two.
  •  Meet a good friend with our collective 9 offspring for a day in the park.
  •  Organise haircuts for the 4 boys. 
  •  Have a night out with a few really good friends that I haven't seen in a while ...(and don't drink too much wine because I don't have time for a hangover.)
  • Get my eyebrows waxed and eyelashes tinted. (otherwise I look odd). 
  • Go shopping with my mum for a 'mother of the bride' outfit- (However, as this is only Wedding Shopping Phase One, it goes without saying that no decisions or purchases will be made at the time.)
  •  Prepare and host our girl's 13th birthday party - it will be afternoon tea at ours with my talented beautician cousin Olivia Mc Loughlin coming to do her nails and those of her pals. (And obviously, yours truly's as well- in fact, leopard print is being sourced AS WE SPEAK!.) Unsurprisingly, on getting wind of the cake eating and beautifying going on that day, my mum, sister in law and sister have now cleared their diaries to be here too. (Note to self- buy more scones- yes I KNOW I should make them but I DONT HAVE THE TIME!)
  • Buy groceries (and wine!) for a week at the caravilla.
  •  Pack vittles and clothes for seven for a week at the caravilla. 
  •  Arrive at the caravilla and collapse....then drink wine, read, sip lattes and blog. 
  • So there you go- my week ahead in a nutshell . How about yours? Are you hitting the ground running this week or taking a chill pill? Make me jealous- go on!


  1. Shame I'm missing out on Anna's birthday...it's times like that I wish I lived at home! :( Swap you your list for my wedding list?! Fancy it?

  2. Aye you're on! Does that mean I get to be Queen Bee for the day and go on a fancy child free honeymoon too? You can go to the caravilla....

  3. I'm currently sipping instant coffee at 8am after putting on a wash, doing dishwasher ( dishes from last nights dinner) waiting for a 15 month old with an attitude to wake before starting a monster like of ironing that has been there for about a year and my husband has been doing but saying its a pink job! Then lunch, dinner meet some friends for coffee and hopefully said 15month old will go to nap for a while so I can get some files finished for work and then start some sewing for pressies I have promised people!! I really wish I was doing the caravilla shopping!! Think a trip to ikea might also b on my list too though.. Oh and the final book of fifty shades too x