Thursday, 5 July 2012

Skeanie Shoes-Review

When the lovely people at Skeanie offered to send me a pair of shoes to review for our Luke, I was delighted! You see, I'd heard the whispers that these were the shoes of choice, for little Misses Suri Cruise and Jolie Pitt, among others, and you should know by now, that I'm a sucker for all things celeb!
 What I didn't know was, that Skeanie started out in Australia, only coming to Europe recently, and are actually the preferred provider of the Australian Podiatry Assosciation (APA). Nor that their shoes and boots are designed to nurture and protect little feet and are hand-crafted from high quality eco-leather.
Apparently at birth, feet are mostly cartilage and the last bone doesn’t form until the child is about 3 years old, and scarily, more than 80% of foot problems, bunions and injuries are a result of misshaped and inflexible shoes. Research also shows that soles over 6mm thick prevent approx 80 percent of a child’s foot flexibility, hindering a normal step sequence. Yikes!
All excited, I rushed over to the Skeanie website to choose a pair, and was utterly spoilt for choice!  Eventually though, I plumped for the chocolate Riding boots (£39.99) for the Autumn. To get Luke's size, all I had to do was to print off the size guide from their website and pop his foot on it. Easy peasy and the sizing was perfect!
 When they arrived I honestly fell in love- the leather is butter soft and the rubber sole is lightweight and really flexible- perfect for running, jumping and exploring! What I really adored though, was how well they stayed on, and yet how easily they slide on and off as well- no more hauling and fussing with laces! (With five kids I'm all about saving time in the morning!)
Honestly, the only negative thing, that I can find to say about them, is that I wish they did shoes for older children as well, or better still, for me! These red Mary Janes actually had me seriously yearning for a wee girl to buy them for, but don't tell Loverboy that!
The bottom line is- if you have kiddies' shoes to buy anytime soon, you should check out their website. They're about the same price as Clarks or Start Rite, (only not every other kid in Mother and Toddlers will be wearing them as well!)

And, because I know that like myself, y'all  love a bargain, here's a cheeky 15% off discount, just for you.  (Just put in mummybl0g at the checkout-The o is replaced with a zero.) Finally, if you fancy winning a pair, there's a competition running on the Skeanie Facebook page right now, so give it a whirl and see how you get on. Emx

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