Saturday, 14 April 2012

Questions of a Bloggy Nature....

Well helloooo there! My goodness, how I've missed you! I mean it's been a whole week and that's the biggest break I've taken from blogging since last September! Well, that's not entirely true... I DID actually post last Monday, but it was all a bit grim, which was hardly surprising given that I was on a bit of a downer. It was up for a few hours, and maybe some of you even read it, but then a well meaning friend urged me to take it down and I did.
I'd had a 'everything's getting on top of me I'm pulled in all directions and totally unappreciated and here's 5 kids for sale' sort of few days, and I put those feelings out there. Then, because I was feeling low, I trusted my good buddy's kind judgement over my own and pulled the post, and I STILL don't know whether it was the right thing to do or not. I suppose that it really got me thinking this week, amidst Easter holidays and family get togethers and even a wedding, how much I do/ should share on here. Now, I do understand that I'm making the outrageous assumption that you might actually be interested in what's going on in my tiny corner of the world, but let's just say for a moment you are-what am I prepared to share and what do you want to read?
For me, it boils down to -why am I writing this blog and for whom?  The biggest reason for it's existence is as a creative outlet- it is MY place to make sense of the day to day of family life, to help me organise my thoughts, and to find humour where I can along the way. So many older parents tell me, that the best times of their lives were when the children were young, and that if they could turn the clock back they definitely would. I appreciate when they remind me of this, because it's so easy to forget when you're in the thick of it, and caught up in the seemingly endless chores, responsibilities and needs of a busy household. I also worry that my children will only remember a bossy, busy frazzled mummy and not the chilled, fun mummy that I want to be.
 If this blog does anything, it shows me that good times should be cherished and remembered, and bad days do pass, and can often teach a lesson before they do. In all honesty, the very last thing I want to do is to present a sugar coated, half truth of my life to you, but nor do I want to sacrifice my family's integrity, or bore you to death with the negative and utterly mundane. I guess it's trying to find that balance, isn't it? I'm still working out how to do that, just as I'm learning how to formulate my thoughts into something worth reading, while learning on the job how to be a better parent, a better wife, a better friend. So there you are, that's what's been on my mind this week, and if you have any  thoughts, insights or opinions on the matter, I would honestly love to hear them. More than that actually, I would truly value them. Till next time amigos, emx


  1. I didn't see your post, but totally understand what you're saying. I always try to keep 'upbeat' on my blog and I usually am. But I also blogged about feeling low last week and it felt odd to be sharing such personal feelings. The post got lost when I moved over to Wordpress and I wasn't sorry, but there are some bloggers out there who pour out their heart and soul, who are depressed, who are struggling and all of them say what a precious outlet it is to be able to say it and nobody judge you for it.

    Your blogs are brilliant and always make me smile, but I think it's ok to let one or two sneak in where all the crappy stuff comes out. For most of us, our reaction is likely to be 'Thank God it's not just me' and send you some sort of 'cyberhug'. (Not sure if you have to hug yourself or the laptop, but hey.....)

    Funnily enough, the reason I am here is because you've been very quiet and I wondered if everything was OK? *twilight zone music*


  2. P.S. Me AGAIN, Just to say I LOVE my blog - it really is my sanity. I got all whooped up in stats and awards but gave myself a talking to and reminded myself why I blog. Not for cash (I don;t do adverts/sponsorship), not for glory (I mean, come on...) but for little ol' ME!! Because I love writing and someone out there (usually you!) is listening to me waffling on.....


    1. You're so right Sarah and thanks for noticing that I wasn't around much this week! The stats and awards thingy is all very well but if it becomes more important than the blog, or drives the blog then too much is lost. As for the other stuff- its all really about balance isn't it!

  3. Jennifer Boyle13 May 2012 at 16:51

    You are bluddy marvelous to read, always a tonic. I think you are honest and choose to focus on the fun parts when possible, and thats a great attitude for life!