Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Little Bit of Rory in my life....

My toothless wonder, (also known as Rory), arrived in from school yesterday, and even before taking off his coat said earnestly,
"Mummy, I've got two bad things and one good thing to tell you."
"Riiiiiiiiiight. Give me the bad news first."
"Well, the first bad thing is that I lost the lid off my water bottle."
"That's not so bad. I can live with that.Go on."
"Well, the next bad thing is that I left my lunchbox in school again." This being, on average, a biweekly occurence, he quickly followed up with, "But I promise I'll remember it tomorrow."
"Okey doke then. So what's the good news?"
"Well, the good news is.." (pausing for dramatic effect), "that I've got no homework!!"
 Then I was rewarded with this smile...so what could I do only smile right back?!


  1. Ah wee Rors-the wee toothless wonder! Mary x

  2. LOVE you and your fam!!!

  3. I know!!! I can reallt relate to this one Emma - I love hearing those 5 little words - Mum I've got no homework - music to my ears never mind the kids!!!! X

  4. Jennifer Boyle13 May 2012 at 16:57

    Even with no teeth he's a handsome lad!! Bless!