Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Just Turned Six

Gotta love that smile!
As the fourth child and third son in our family, six year old Rory was born into an already busy house, and he was our youngest until he was four. He loves completely and tells me every day.  Hopelessly untidy, he's the one in all the photographs with sticky up hair and spills down his front. He adores tractors and wants a drive -on lawnmower so that he can go and cut his Nana's lawn. He drops everything to help his daddy outside and never, ever misses a trip to the dump. He adores his food..maybe too much! This child is a deep thinker- his musings often make me smile and I don't want to forget any more than I already have so here's just a little taster of  life on Planet Rory....(Bear in mind, his questions are usually asked early in the morning, before I'm fully caffeinated and answers may reflect this!)
At his happiest-helping daddy

1. 'Why do vampires' collars go up to here?' (pointing at the rear top of his head) Ermmm-To look scarier??!!
2. 'Why do adults know everything and children don't?' They don't actually, they just think they do....
3. While getting dressed for school- 'Why do you have to wear your tie round your neck? Why not round your head?'  Emmmmmmm, Just because.....
4. How are you able to see through glass?' Ask your daddy, he's very clever.
5. 'When God made the world and it was empty, where did the babies come from, because there were no mummies and daddies?' That's a really good question, let's come back to it when we've more time. Cheerios or Weetabix?

And a few of his thoughts on the world in general...
6. Shaking his head, after listening intently to 'The Three Bears',  'They should have locked their door.' Good sound advice.
7. Can I have my own water bottle because I usually have a lot of backwash?  Noooooo problem!
8. On hearing of an upcoming school disco- 'Oh no, I've hardly any moves! I'm going to have to practice.' And he did.
9. At Christmas 'I love mince pies. Did Cormac get one too? Or was it just me? I love mince pies.' Because as everyone knows,  it's all the sweeter when it's just you!
10. When I go into space I'm going in a rocket and not just with a jet pack cos otherwise I think I'd burn my back.' Personally, I'd go for that option too.
A Rory original-he called it 'A Monster Waving' . Privately, we thought it looked a little less wholesome. Either way, we got it framed and it's hanging in the loo.
Sometimes I wish he'd stay this age forever....but thankfully he's stated that he's only moving down the road and he'll drive up to see us on his tractor every day!


  1. He's the only one of the 4 boys who wants to climb under the car, knows his calipers from his discs and is handy with a power drill (honestly!).
    I've held back on letting him near the table saw though :-)

  2. Someday he will be a big man like our Ronan and these memories will help you let him go...

    1. Absolutely priceless - what a little character - I was in stitches - particularly with that painting - he'll LOVE it when he gets older!

    2. Too true Brenda! And yes Zoe- i was speechless when he brought home that painting - I 'm sure a psychologist would have a field day!

  3. What a sweetie Emma, and not just a pretty face with his knowledge of cars and inquisitive mind. Your answers are ever so patient, but you could be pretty challenged on their content before too long...! I agree so often I wish I could freeze them all af this adorable stage, but before you know it full scale warfare has broken out and the desire passes! X

  4. LOL- I think boringly unimaginative is a better description Nadine- will definitely have to up my game! And you're absolutely right, for each of those melt your heart moments, there usually follows a beam me up Scotty one!

  5. Brilliant! Don't forget "where did the pendulum of the kitchen clock go??" Rors- "I did it, I put it in the bin" at a lovey coffee morning a couple of years ago. Another cracking piece our Emma, you the girl xxx

    1. I completely forgot that one- I loved that clock too but it's days we're numbered when the pendulum went AWOL! Mr Colm will be turning six soon as well- I can hardly believe it- our boys and girls are getting so big !