Friday, 27 January 2012

Feelin' the Burn

Not my mum---or me, obviously.
Today I went to the gym with my mum. Woooaaaaahh! Now there's something that Emma the sulky teenager would never have believed ... on any level. But for the more mature me, the one who had a certain milestone birthday recently, it was a natural step.
A few weeks ago, I grabbed myself a guilt induced January bargain in the form of 10 gym passes, to a small, but perfectly formed, ladies-only gym. The deal was further sweetened with the crèche option for Luke, so despite not being a natural gym bunny, I really had no excuse. Earlier this week, I asked my mum if she'd like to come along, and was pleased, but unsurprised, when she agreed.
Now obviously, this was in part, because it was a freebie - like me she just can't resist a bargain - but more than that, she has the best of mental attitudes when it comes to trying anything new. Age does not deter her in the slightest, and I don't mean in an inappropriate 'I fancy Olly Murs' kind of way. For example, I remember ten years ago when she was visiting us in the US, we went skiing in West Virginia . It was the first time for both of us and she was completely up for it - off she went, down the bunny slope and later down the blue slope, loving every minute. It really wasn't that she possessed any raw natural talent - she was stiff as a board and ended up in the ditch at the edge of the slope several times, but she kept going, ever optimistic that next time she'd nail it. I, on the other hand, was totally pathetic, a wooden trembling wuss, paralysed by my own irrational fear and nerves. I think that this was the first time I realized that attitude really is everything.
In light of that, I knew that the previously untested experience of going to the gym was one she'd probably enjoy. Initially suggesting wearing jeans, she compromised by borrowing my sister's track bottoms, boldly accessorized with a Per Una cardigan. Then, despite misreading the memo, and opting for no breakfast and full makeup, as opposed to the other way around, under the guidance of a trainer she began her work out on the stationary bike. And for the record the cardie stayed on .
Most of the other women there today were around my age, (no jokes please), but there was another older lady confidently working her way around the machines. After discreetly pointing out to me, that I was actually exercising back to front on the weights bench, we got talking. She told me that she's been working out for a few years, wanting to maintain a level of health and fitness as she gets older. I must say that I find it inspiring to see such women, in an environment where they are often outnumbered by those younger and fitter than them, embracing personal fitness at a time in their lives, when many have become entrenched in familiar routines and skeptical of new ones. I also couldn't help but notice and admire her carefully applied makeup, black pumps and heavy pearl earrings - clear evidence of a refusal to sacrifice style on the altar of fitness - that's old school and I LIKE it.
So, after all our hard work in the gym, which was declared a success by all, and the first of many , myself, mummy and Luke did the obvious thing and went for a cuppa ..and a tray bake...and a gossip. Well it IS Friday. Have a good onexxx


  1. love this, especailly the per una cardigan bit.

    My mammy, having been petreifed of water as she almost drowned when she was young, took us to the pool until we could learn to swim, even tho she couldn't.

    Strong women strong daughters

    ANd yeh the traybake was probably ten times nicer

  2. Superb as always Emma - an artist with vocabulary & go Anne - respect