Monday, 30 January 2012

Guess who's Eight!!

Cormac and his whoopie cushion-it just never gets old!
Cormac is eight years old today. Our third child and second son, he is proud to hold the 'biggest baby' crown, weighing in at an eye watering 10lbs 5oz. He was also the first of our children to be born in Ireland.
Mac is my most reliable boy- he listens, absorbs and does. He loves 'Harry Potter' and we're currently on the third book. He is naturally ordered, so understandably, it's a real struggle for him to share a room with the much less houseproud Rory. He hates to be late for school, and unlike a few others I could mention, he never forgets his lunchbox/ coat/ schoolbag /homework in school /in the car on the bus. He practices his piano without being told and ALWAYS uses a ruler when underlining.
Cormac has a special box in which he stores his most precious possessions, including a letter from Giselle, his personal tooth fairy. He has a cheeky sense of humour- and has a particular penchant for toilet jokes. He adores his little brother Luke, and most mornings in life, I find him lying on the bed beside the cot, holding his hand and talking to him quietly.

I have obviously passes on my gift for arts and craft...

Over the last few evenings, his older siblings have been making a sock puppet for him for his birthday. (Cormac and Rory have an earlier bedtime than them -an ongoing source of  dispute.) When the finished product was unveiled with a flourish this morning, Mac was thrilled. (Unknown to him, it's fate had been in jeopardy  last night, as Jude had sewed the large brown blob (which we'll loosely label  'nose')  to it's back. He then professed to LOVE the fresh originality of this Quasi Modo themed sock puppet, but sadly, Anna put her foot down and the blob reverted to its role as 'nose'.
Himself, myself and himself.
So here's to a very Happy Birthday to our Mac, our curly haired, green eyed thoughtful little boy. Like the man with a wheelbarrow, it's all ahead of you...but never forget, that  we'll always be only a few steps behind. xxx


  1. Another lovely post. And another lovely child. Middle child - perfect, just like me!!

    Seriously, hpe you have a happy day


  2. Precious! He will always have this from you, Emma. A beautiful gift from his Mum.

    Hugs and thank you for being such an inspiration for taking it all in stride....

    Sue infeld