Friday, 8 April 2011

Week 5-Day 4/5 Hop-A-Long Feels the Burn!!

After Wednesday off (and how I appreciated it!) , Damien D had big, mean plans for me for Thursday and Friday at the gym. Come Thursday morning then, I bounced (as if) on to the treadmill first. Damien cleverly told me, that I could pace myself, and do a combination of running and walking-this removed the fear in my head that I HAD to run for a certain length of time. So, from minute to minute I assessed how I was coping and adjusted the pace accordingly.  I walked for probably about 10 minutes at 6.5km/hr and then ran for the other 20-25 minutes at 7.5 km/hr. Not too bad, except that my 'sports injury' (you likey?) was increasingly giving me gip and I knew I was limping slightly .( I mean really-as if  I'm not slow enough without a limp as well!)
So, the rest of the workout after that, focused mainly on stretching and lots of arm work, especially working the biceps. Shockingly for me, I was a bit disappointed! I actually felt ready for a good tough workout and it all sort of fizzled out because of  my stupid leg. (Ok, I got over it fairly sharpish but still!)
So on to today-on Damien's advice I went to Boots and got a knee support and dosed myself up on brufen. Unfortunately, as I was putting the aforementioned support on this morning, I realised that I'd bought size small! AAAAGGHH! My knees are probably on the large side of  large so getting the stupid thing on took ages, then I watched in the mirror as it began to cut off the circulation from my upper to my lower leg. It also very unflatteringly, squashed all the flab upwards giving my right thigh a disproportionately large bulgy appearance. BUT.. I wasn't limping, so it stayed on. As it turned out, Damien D felt that the cross trainer might be less hard on my leg, so I got straight on to that ...and stayed on for 40 minutes. I think the cross trainer might be more my thing actually-I worked REALLY hard-the sweat was pouring off me. Damien brought me a cone (?) of water twice ( I MUST have looked like I was about to keel over cos that's happened,  like never!) and I climbed off it knackered but buzzing. Then boxercise-  my biceps were aching today from the arm work yesterday, but this earned me no sympathy whatsoever- in fact, this was the toughest yet!  I had to do six 1 minute rounds of  boxing with 30 second breaks in between. This was full on punching -bloody hard,  but really exhilarating. Then on to the weight machines for neck, back,  boob and MORE arm work...and I was done.
A BRILL session overall -I came out, turned on Radio 2 and sang 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina' at full blast all the way home. (Gave Jule Covington a run for her money too!) I mean, obviously the fact that it's Friday helps, and that Loverboy is home from his work trip tomorrow, but those endorphins are amazing!! My arms are really fatigued-seriously, even typing this is tiring, but I'm sure that a teensy glass of Oyster Bay later will alleviate that. So, I'm  looking forward to my last week with Damien D (hmmmm that could be taken either way!) and I'm going to try and make it a good one. Enjoy the sunshine, my lovelies, and may it last all weekend, Emxx
PS NEWSFLASH Damien D is starting boxercise classes next week in Curves (now Jack's) in Lisburn. Wednesday evenings 7-8pm, 4 quid a session. Fancy giving it a shot???

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