Monday, 11 April 2011

Week 6-Day 1 The End is Nigh....

So it's my final week and I'm facing it with decidedly mixed emotions. On the one hand, it'll be nice to have my mornings back-it's taken a lot of organisation and goodwill on my family's part for me to be able to commit to the last six weeks. On the other hand, I will miss the challenge and companionship of the daily workouts, the gradual awareness that I'm becoming fitter and the focus and drive that Damien D has given me. The fact that the ball's now in my court (scuse the sporty pun) is a bit scary. I have to take responsibility for my own fitness from now on, and work it in consistently and for the long term around a big busy family-no small task.
I have managed this to some extent up to now though. Prior to Damian D in my life (let's call it B.D.D.) , weekly exercise consisted of 3-4 three mile walks each week, usually done first thing in the morning (7-8am).  I was pretty proud of this achievement (minor though it may seem to most people!) because of it's longevity. Previous forays into fitness have included step aerobics, spinning and  pilates among others, and tended to follow a predictable pattern- a few enthusiastic weeks before petering out. The same story for an expensive gym membership. But I have managed to do this walk regularly for about 3 years AND as you're probably well sick of hearing by now, it's a really hilly (some might even say mountainous) 3 miles.  There were mornings I couldn't face it, but I mostly did and once I put those headphones on and left the madness of a morning kitchen, I learned to enjoy it. I planned, schemed, dreamed and walked in all weathers and watched the seasons change as I did so. An added bonus was that I was done and dusted with a few endorphins under my belt before the day had properly started.  It had become routine... but it certainly wasn't particularly cardiovascular or increasing my fitness levels much-more keeping things on an even keel. I definitely needed a kick up the arse and Damien D was just the man to do it. And he did it ...and so did I and now I'm not quite satisfied to slip back into my old safe comfort zone....but I've no aspirations to be Paula Radcliffe either ( my boobs are bigger for a start!). So I'll think on for a bit about life ADD (After Damian D)  while I punch in (another pun!) my last week with him.
Today's workout was the 3 miler followed by boxercise and weights. My sore leg, which I thought was better after a lazy weekend, was yet again doing my head in and I was limping quite badly by the end, so tomorrow we're off to the gym for a go on the less jarring crosstrainer, among other things. Then Wednesday evening I'm off with a few chums to Damien's new boxercise class in Lisburn, and Thursday at the gym is our last hurrah... so I'd better have a plan in place by then-no pressure! Have a good week one and all, Emmax

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