Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Week 5-Day 2 Keeping her Lit!

So, I just know that you're on the edge of your seat wondering if I did that 3 mile (marginally flatter) run/walk in less than 40 minutes. The answer is ....no I didn't...it was 42 minutes. I know, I know-a real anticlimax but on a more positive note, I ran for the first 1.5 miles without stopping -(putting this into perspective, it's probably equivalent to a half marathon for a proper runner and no, I don't think that's an overstatement). Damien D kept me going because I only had to glance at him sideways (gauging his openness to calming the jets a bit) to realise that a) he was running as slowly as was possible for him and b) he expected and believed that I was coping with the level of exercise...and I suppose that I was, for that mile and a half.  My breathing was (fairly) regular and  although my right leg was a little sore (more on that later) the exercise eased that (darn it!). Emsie's Workout Mix on my iphone was also a major contributor, if a tad antisocial, but I figured Damien D, Personal Trainer,  would rather have me running that engaging him in social chit chat. I suspect he was even enjoying the brief interludes of silence (broken only by my huffing and puffing and the odd cow mooing). Things went a little pear shaped after that 1.5 miles, and I could almost hear the frustration in that bloody running app woman's voice (your average speed is now a 4.2mph-move your fat arse!!!). On arrival back at the house I got straight into the excellent boxercise and really gave it all I had ,on account of walking half of our 'run'. Before we started though, Damien D thoughtfully checked in case I needed the loo (I didn't-but the perception's there-doing my kegels as I write this!) After 6 (ever longer)  rounds of boxing  it was time for the hateful leg lifts on the exercise mat.( There's always a secret fear of unexpected flatulence when I'm doing these but thank God I've got through the last 5 weeks with no embarassing moments).
Before I finish, I'll just mention my sore right leg, which technically I suppose is a 'sport's injury'. I never thought I'd have one of those so it's kind of a badge of honour. I've had many other injuries-(curling tong and aga related burns, pregnancy and childbirth battle scars, and child related mishaps-vomited, pooed and peed on more times than I can remember)  but never one from fitness so it's a bit of a buzz....but also a bit sore. Hot baths, massage (although inconveniently LoverBoy's away) and ibuprofen seem to help, and Damien D took pity on me and granted me today off , on the proviso that I worked doubly hard at the gym on Thursday and Friday. Obviously I told him that I would (I'd have promised the deeds of the house too), but we'll just have to play it by ear...I'm joking! So I'm off to enjoy a few precious hours to myself  because I suspect that tomorrow and Friday will be hard graft. Stick the kettle on, Emxxx 

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