Monday, 4 April 2011

Week 5-Day 1 Million Dollar Baby!!

 So far, we've been really lucky with the weather. That is to say, my personal trainer Damien D (I just like saying that!) and myself have been blessed with dry fresh weather for running in....until today. My usual fantasies involving Damien cancelling our workout (he's  tired, he's PMTed, he can't be arsed-extremely low odds; his beautiful wife Andrea  going into labour-odds increasing daily(-she's almost full term with baby no 5), now had a new spin-it was a crappy morning-wet, cold and windy, maybe it's actually detrimental physically or mentally to run in that kind of weather...possible surely? But annoyingly no, bang on time he arrived, so I  popped in for a (purely psychological) last pee, zipped up my ghastly neon green waterproof and off we went.
You may possibly remember that this is a VERY hilly 3.2 mile stretch and we covered it today in exactly 40 minutes (as measured by the patronising woman on my app). I ran for longer stretches of it but the hills are KILLING me! With the encouragement of  Damien D and Beyonce I scuttled on (If you like it then you shudda put a ring on it-oh oh oh!) , and then walked as quickly as I could for the in between bits (translation-I walked up the hills and ran down them). The worst part? Coming down the home stretch that is our (far too long) lane-it was like a wind tunnel! Not exaggerating here people-Zeus himself was preventing me getting in under 40 minutes.(Now if only that wind had been behind me-well the mind boggles!)
After a few minutes respite, I got stuck into the boxercise. Move over Hilary Swank, there's a Million Dollar Baby right here in Glenavy!! Damien D (aka Clint)  is pushing me more and more now and the rounds are getting longer and longer. Now that I'm an old pro with the jabs, he has me doing the  right and left hooks as well..and I can really feel my arms and shoulders working. They're definitely not what anyone would call toned but they ARE toning up, and  the old bingo wings definitely aren't as bad. It's funny, because just when I think that  I can hardly hold them up, never mind punch,  I get another burst of energy that I didn't know I had. Credit HAS to go to Damien D for this, he just pushes me through that exhaustion, most of which is probably in my head anyway. How he knows I've got anything left to give is beyond me.....or maybe he's just sadistic? Either way, it works. Tomorrow we're doing a flatter 3 mile run-whoop whoop!! Maybe I'll even make it in under that 40 minutes. Watch this space.......

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