Friday, 1 April 2011

Week 4-Day 3/4 Emma's got her groove back!!

After a less than stellar start to the week, I was hoping that after a rest on Wednesday I'd be fighting fit for the gym on thursday....sadly no. I was still feeling a bit tired , the backs of my thighs were still very sore (I blame those b*****d shuttle runs) and I was also feeling a bit ho-hum about the whole training in general. I attribute this, at least in part, to my reckless jumping on to the scales-big mistake. Despite FEELING slimmer, and certain stubborn pairs of jeans seem to concur with this, my weight was the same as it had been in December, when I weighed myself last. Despite knowing that weight loss wasn't my main aim, I secretly did feel that the stars had aligned as I buttoned myself into pre-Luke jeans. As a result, it felt like a kick in the teeth when the scales, quite unreasonably I thought, didn't agree. Both sisters immediately stepped in and gave me a stern talking to about the dangers of using different sets of scales, possible unaccounted for Christmas lbs (a strong possibility) and muscle weighing more than fat, but still the feeling of failure lingered in the air and it was with a heavy heart that I went to the gym on Thursday.
Usually, on facing a workout, I think, that as long as I 'm going to be 'doing the time' anyway, I may as well give it my all, but yesterday I just 'phoned it in'. Damien concentrated a lot on stretching my painful thighs which helped a bit, I walked for 20 minutes and ran for 10 on the treadmill but this only reminded me that my pelvic floors are not what they used to be...Say. No. More. To top it all off, I walked out of the gym to see the boot of my car was wide open with my handbag and purse there for the taking....but they hadn't been -so how lucky was that? And is that a blue sky beginning to peak through the gloom? (I feel a song coming on....).
So, after a highly therapeutic meal out with the lovely Glenavy girlies last night,  which included 1 and a half glasses of wine (no way was I training today with a hangover), an in depth discussion on pelvic floors and a lot of laughter, I felt like a new woman as I bounced into the gym to meet Damien D this morning.(after first triple checking my boot was locked -no one is THAT lucky! )
First, it was onto the treadmill for 10 minutes warm up (at 6.5km/hr) then I ran-(you heard me!) at 8km/hr for 15 minutes without stopping. I was armed today with my iphone which included my new music mix, (aptly named Emsie's Workout), and it was thanks to Pink and Jessie J, that I kept her lit for so long. I was glowing buckets afterwards,( a good, if unsightly, sign I was assured,) and to be honest, I possibly could have kept running a little longer (Run Forrest Run!) but  the backs of my thighs felt like someone  was sticking a knife into them, so it was into the other room for loads of stretching. Then it was boxercise and I pummelled away at that bag for 6 long rounds-my arms felt like they were hanging off by the time I'd finished, but I felt great! Then I got onto that funny thing where you bend forward at your waist-up and down to the floor, and then it on to the  weight machines. (Can I just at this point mention that the girls were WELL impressed with my bingo wings last night-in retrospect, I suppose I left them little option 'Feel my muscles, go on feel!')
The first machine worked my upper arms , the second worked my chest (reach for the sky girls!) and the last worked my upper back and arms. Very impressive, except that on the last one, I managed to sit back to front on the machine as I nodded nonchalantly at the other REAL body builders-a real blonde moment (sorry Clare!)  Finally it was the leg weight machine and my legs were sore so I was literally counting every painful lift. Damien D was helpfully counting them too...except he was one behind. I saw him step back in alarm as I forcefully corrected him, 'It's eight, not seven", through gritted teeth. At that point, given my scary red sweaty appearance, he may actually have been afraid that my head was going to begin to slowly rotate on my shoulders. A good place to finish... by mutual agreement.
So it's onwards and upwards and I'm entering the 5th week of training next week (Wow-that went fast-yeah right!) It'll be a challenge as Loverboy is off to the USA for a week so I'll be juggling a lot with the kids and training on 5 days (couldn't do it without you ma!) but bring it on. (except the shuttle runs).  Happy Mother's Day for Sunday and see y'all next week, Emmax

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