Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Week 2-Day 2 (4 sessions down, 20 to go-eeekk!)

March 15th

I just wasn't in the right frame of mind this morning-tired, a bit grumpy and I really only wanted to roll back into bed, remote control in one hand , cuppa tea in the other.(Pure fantasy of course- five kids and duvet days do not compute!) So although I was briefly tempted to pretend I wasn't in, Damien arrived and off we went. Ironically, it was the toughest session yet. We did the loop in about 40 minutes (despite Damien having a chinwag with a pal on the way-'Focus Damien, focus!") I ran 4 times and for longer stretches this time....  I mean, even in a couple of sessions I can see my progress-baby steps for most people but this is Ironman territory for me! There were brief times when I was in a bit of a rhythm and could even have kept going-WOW! The second half of the session is definitely getting tougher and becoming more of a workout in itself. 4 circuits of  body work with weights, followed by 6 sets of boxercise ( I just love those gloves!) followed by situps and more legwork. I was cream crackered by the end, but in a kinda proud of myself, fatigued sort of way, rather than a painful, exhausted, defeated way. (Go Endorphins!)
In terms of diet, I just can't go there again-I feel like I've spent years on diets of one sort or anothere and yes, they fill you with hope and work for a while but ultimately they don't last, for me anyway. So I"m not weighing myself and I'm not dieting but I am off chocolate for Lent (baby steps you know!) and I do notice that I am thinking more about what I'm eating and trying to eat only when I'm hungry,( as opposed to bored,cranky, emotional, happy, sad-you get the picture!) I suppose I feel that I don't want to sabotage the work I'm doing with Damien, but I don't want to put my life on hold either. No chance of that, especially at weekends. I should be more careful of my status updates too-Damien helpfully pointed out that eating HoneyBear icecream in bed last Saturday night maybe wasn't an ideal scenario-Damn you Facebook!
PS Just to let you know, Damien Denny Personal Trainer Extraordinaire is currently taking on more clients, so if you're interested his number is 07858519213. He travels anywhere within the Belfast area (and beyond!) and the rates are very reasonable-. Ta ta for nowxx

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