Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Week 2-Day 1. Last week was a short week but I'm still calling this week 2 cos it feels like progress!

14th March

Week 2-Day 1. Last week was a short week but I'm still calling this week 2 cos it feels like progress! I spent a lazyish weekend at home, (very sore on saturday, much better sunday) and was feeling pretty good about Damien D calling this morning to put me through my paces. Of course, any eejit SHOULD have known that he was about to up the ante, that my 'assessment ' stage was well and truly over! It didn't take me long to catch on though, as he strode ahead of me up the lane, pulling me firmly out of my 'cruising altitude' comfort zone. I don't know how much quicker we did the loop today-(he wouldn't tell me-probably a good thing-I'd have over analysed it)-but it WAS quicker and we did 3 stretches of jogging as well. It was tough going-a few times I thought I'd expire there and then.... but I didn't- and once I realised that I  COULD cope with the sensations and discomfort-I did.. for a time anyway. I have always been the 'big' girl at the back in PE, the 'Built for comfort not for speed' model in our family, that it's a revelation to begin to properly work a body I've spent a long time disliking intensely. Now, for the record, I do realise that I'm never going to be Zola Budd (does anyone even remember her!?) but it's a big deal at this stage in my life to begin to change a long held negative self perception.
Key to this, is Damien's vast experience as a athlete and personal trainer-he's able to pinpoint exactly where I am physically and push me to MY limits, but more importantly his belief (not mine!) that I CAN do it, which makes me psychologically want to prove it to both of us. (I told you I overanalyse sometimes!!)
The second half of the session was boxercise (my favourite!), then weights work and toning. So... I'm sore again-especially my gluteus maximus (that's my arse) and tired ..but in a good way. The very best part of the session was when Damien said to me 'You know, you're really not as unfit as you think you are!' High Praise indeed !

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