Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Day 2- OH THE PAIN!!! The signs were there as I climbed into bed last night-the jelly legs were becoming a bit more achey

March 11th

Day 2- OH THE PAIN!!! The signs were there as I climbed into bed last night but Dear God, nothing prepared me for waking up this morning, swinging my legs out of bed and being virtually unable to stand up! "Push through the pain" and 'Pain is good' , the other Damian in my life chortled from under the covers, and duly received an obscene gesture for his concern. As I hobbled into the bathroom, I really wondered how I could possibly do a session with Damien D this morning. The fronts of my thighs and my arse were KILLING me-I kid you not. Getting downstairs and lowering myself into a chair was particularly painful. For the first time in my (rather sedentary) life I fantasised about owning a stair lift-how sad is that!
When Damien Denny (my PT-check me out!) arrived an hour later I was marginally better and after asking where I was on the pain scale (I said 5 but meant 9) we got off on the walk. Unbelievably, after the first half mile, the pain eased or maybe I just didn't notice it as much. I EVEN RAN!! (OK-it was downhill and for 2 minutes but PLEASE do not underestimate the significance of that for me-HUGE!) We made it back in 45 minutes, slowed down partly by a chance meeting with a pal but Damien refused to let me linger -spoilsport! After that, it was stretching and boxercise which I TOTALLY loved . I definitely felt empowered when I put the boxing gloves on  and was quickly jabbing away like an old pro. I asked Damien if DDL (that's Daniel Day Lewis to you lot!) did this and was delighted to hear that indeed he did-(I suppose I'm sort of walking in his footsteps if you like, channelling his karma, so to speak -alright,I'll shut up!). Finally, there were sit ups (too little, too late for me,  I think) and more stretching. Afterwards, I felt on a high- and yes I'm still bloody sore -walking about like John Wayne if you must know-but feeling good and a teeny weeny bit excited about next week when we'll be starting to mix it up with visits to the gym. Saying that, I'm also thrilled that I've 2 days off to look forward to and I can HEAR that chardonnay in the fridge calling my name!! Emxx

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