Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Week 2-Day 3- So this is what the inside of a gym looks like....

March 16th

Before we even crossed the threshold of the gym today Damien D and myself did a brisk 10 minute walk to warm up (that would usually be me done and dusted!), then it was straight on to 15 minutes on the treadmill. Damien checked my heartrate at intervals on the machine, sadly not out of concern for my wellbeing, but to make sure that I was actually working  hard and he gradually increased the pace until-hey! -I was running. Although my natural instinct was to walk for as long as was humanly possible , when he pushed the dial to 8.5 mph  I actually took off. (Please note I use that metaphor in the loosest sense possible!) I ran for 5 minutes without stopping and was delighted with myself- I actually did 1.65 miles in 15 minutes. (The only time prior to this I've moved at that speed, there's been a shoe sale involved somewhere. )
After rehydrating (I'm fast picking up the old gym bunny lingo) it was on to the boxercise. 6 sets of this and my arms were all wobbley but what a fun workout it is! Imagine the face of someone you dislike intensely, or even someone mildly irritating -whatever!- you can punch that bag /their face into a pulp. Very catharctic.  (I think maybe I've overshared here-time to move on!)
Next it was on to the weight machines, tackling the chest (come on girls!), the bingo wings and the legs-3 different machines-hadn't a clue how to use them at first but Damien demonstrated (with much heavier weights obviously-being an ex boxer and that). Then I did 15 minutes on the cross trainer-as a gym virgin I'd never even been on one before but it works EVERYWHERE-(I know I'll feel it everywhere tomorrow too. ) Finally, 5 sets of situps, using a funny frame thing that made me realise I was doing situps all wrong up to now-ooops! So that's why I haven't got a flat tummy-(nothing to do with the 5 kids and an overfondness for my grub!)
So that was it for today-day off tomorrow for St Patrick's Day (you know that's a day off Lent-Hello Chocolate!!) Back to the gym on Friday for another session -(have to work hard at that one cos I'm off out Friday night for LoverBoy's birthday!) Happy St Patrick's Day to all, Emmaxxx
PS Meant to say-thank you to anyone who's bothering to read this nonsense-(it may be only my sisters-)but it helps me write it all down and not give up too easily!
PPS Just to let you know, Damien Denny Personal Trainer Extraordinaire is currently taking on more clients, so if you're interested his number is 07858519213. He travels anywhere within the Belfast area (and beyond!) and the rates are very reasonable-. Ta ta for nowxx

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