Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Viva Las Vegas!

What can I say? It feels like it was all just a dream, and the jet lag sucks but it was sooooo worth it. Before I went my brother told me confidently, 'Vegas is the bomb, you're going to love it!'

And he should know- while living in California he managed to average two visits a year.  Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, my Dad mournfully shook his head, 'Awful place', then seeing my face amended with, 'But I suppose it's probably worth seeing.' Oh, right.

A TV in the bathroom mirror!! I IKNOW!
And me? Wellllll- I LOVED it! (Sorrreee Daddy!) Admittedly, not in a ' I want to move there right now' way, like I feel when I go to New York... or San Francisco... or Dublin.....(or Belfast!), but in a 'I SO want another playdate there'  kinda way. Because that's just what Vegas is - a playground for adults!

It's unreal and OTT and flashy and fabulous and so hot- my goodness it's hot! My fair Irish skin prickled every time I walked outside-I was the whitest person on the Strip by far! And there's palm trees and rocks and desert, and roads named after Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr- imagine! But there's no rain so virtually no grass and hardly any whitish blue hued people with ginger hair, but lots and lots of fake boobs and amazing tans - I gotta say, the people watching was second to none!

St Mark's Square....only not as smelly!
Just one cornetto!


The Big Apple-kind of!

And the hotels! Come on,  where else do you get Venice at dusk 24/7? And Paris in the Spring? And The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State and an enormous Eygptian pyramid? And huge fountains that rise and fall in time  to Andrea Bocelli's 'Time to say Goodbye'? All on the same street!
Couldn't resist!

And don't even get me started on the shopping * closes eyes in rapturous memory*   Two enormous outlets, people! One on either end of the four mile Strip- I thought I'd only died and gone to heaven.
(Loverboy? Not so much.)

We caught a show too-aptly named 'Vegas, The Show' in Planet Hollywood- Frommers gave it 3 stars so that was good enough for me. It charted the amazing music and entertainment of Vegas from the 1940s til today- the showgirls, the Rat Pack, Sonny and Cher, Elvis, Elton John. And it was every bit as glam as it sounds and more! ( I almost booked Donny and Marie as well, but then caught Loverboy wincing and just couldn't put him through it.)

Culture vultures  might be disappointed, mind you- because unless you fancy the Elvis-a -Rama or  Erotic Heritage Museums you're outta luck, but lookit,  plenty of other cities scratch that itch, but how many give you a giant frog in a real waterfall singing Garth Brooks songs? Or the largest chocolate fountain in the entire world? Or a fiery volcano that erupts spectacularly on the hour?
Yep, that's Vegas baby-fabulously grotesque, wonderfully tasteless and utterly unique.... I adored every single amazing moment, so thanks for the memories xxx

(PS Stay tuned  for my shopping guide to Las Vegas, as well as a sneaky peek at a few cheeky purchases)
Himself and Myself after a cheeky prosecco or 3!


  1. We love Vegas. Two nights is enuf, 3 max for me but its pretty awesome! And actually tons for kids there. We met plenty of people who said there was no way they'd bring their kids but I reckon mine wud LOVE it!

  2. That makes listening to Rod Stewart live in my back garden sound a bit tame (he's playing at the local cricket ground just down the road tonight) - My sister got married in Vegas, she had an amazing time too!

  3. oook on my bucket list then lol glad you enjoyed it. awaiting Vegas 11 the shopping experience lol

  4. looks and sounds fabulous Emma! Apart from maybe the heat. We have been to California but skipped vegas as we didn't have time. BIL lives there though so sure we will be back and after reading this i think we need to make a detour! :)

  5. Never been but sounds like you had a blast. Have made a note of this post for BritMums travel round-up. It will fit well with the one planned for beginning August.
    Hope you are well xx