Thursday, 8 May 2014

Shoe of the Week #7

I'm thinking summer, I'm thinking sandals, I'm thinking wedges. And every time, it must be said, I keep coming back to the same brand-Fly London.

 Let's face it, strappy high heeled summer sandals are fabulous, but they're not exactly practical, and realistically you might only wear them a few times over the course of a whole summer, especially if a major part of your summer in spent on a caravan site in Donegal. Harsh but true, peeps, harsh but true.

Saying that, I absolutely REFUSE to go down the hideous clog Crocs route, despite buying them in bulk for all my boys. Quite simply, it's a step too far, and even on a caravan site certain standards MUST be maintained, from a shoe point of view, anyway.

 (I should disclose at this point- for fear my sister outs me- that I DO actually own a pair of clog Crocs *sharp intake of breath* HOWEVER they are fur lined, and are therefore technically slippers. They're also NEVER under any circumstances worn in public AND are pink leopard print, which I do realise redeems them only slightly....we will never speak of this again)

My lovelies, wedges are my go to sandals-comfy, pretty and practical...and most importantly, not flat. Much as I can admire and appreciate ballerinas and gladiators on others, sadly they're not for me. Personally, I'd go as far as to say that the wedge is the new flat, and no one does it better than Fly London. (And no, this post isn't sponsored. For some inexplicable reason, my recent review offers have only included nursing bras and almonds.)

I have two pairs of Fly sandals in my wardrobe- a white pair and a green pair, and despite several summers' heavy use, they're still going strong. Dress 'em up, dress 'em down -they work with shorts, capris, dresses, jeans.....these are hard working, very pretty shoes my lovelies. AND they come in lots of different colours and styles-here's just a taster.

I've my eye on these bad boys myself!

 If you only buy one pair of shoes this summer, (Puh-leese), then these are  the ones for you.
They normally retail in or around the 80-100 quid mark, which admittedly is pricy but totally justifiable when you think in terms of cost per wear. (And I absolutely recommend that you do-it's soooo liberating)
But even though I say so myself,  I  MAY have outdone myself this time, because Amazon is doing 25% off  summer shoes with the code ESCAPE25 until 11th May AND if you go through Topcashback you'll get a further 8.4% back!
Who's the Mammy?? For goodness sake,  it would be rude not to-go work that wedge, baby!


  1. I have some fly leather boots. They are made from the softest leather and are on year three and still going strong. They are on par with any Italian leather boot quality. From a frugal point of view how many boots would be in year three and still going strong.......money saver IMO x

  2. Your post came at exactly the right time! I'm looking cream wedges for my holiday to Portugal with my besties for our (ahem) 40th birthdays in 13 days time (who's counting??). Might have to go and have a further peek at these ones!! Thanks.

  3. And here is just one more thing that we have in common - I LOVE Fly shoes! I have two pairs - one sandals and one boots. Love, love, love the lime green pair....and the last pair. Now you've got me covering them! X

  4. seriously...you should attach a picture of the errant crocs so we can have a giggle...and feel a bit normal!

  5. Love wedges (and not the just the ones with sour cream dip). This did make me laugh, will tweet you another croc funny :-)

    Saw some nice wedges in Fenwicks the other day, but might take a look at these now!