Monday, 12 May 2014

First Holy Communion

We went over the responses and prayers for weeks, to make sure he was word perfect... and he was. He had confided to me that he was a bit worried he wouldn't 'do it right', so I told him that there was simply no way he could do it wrong.

Later, as I watched him walk carefully up to the altar, his hands joined, an expression of such earnest concentration on his face, I felt myself tear up, so I studied the booklet in my lap instead, read this 'Parents' Blessing' on the back page.....and lost it completely.

 When you were born
Our hearts were so full of happiness
That there was no room in us for words.

When you were growing
Our hearts were so full of care for you
That we spoke soothingly
And sometimes sharply.
Fearful for your safety,
But always in the deepest places of our hearts
We spoke lovingly.

As we watch you
Moving forward with your friends
We marvel at all you have done
And become
Our spirits sing praise to God
For the gift that is you.

And, though our hearts
Have stretched to love others,
Yet, there is still a place within us
That is yours and only yours,

For the light you have shone on us,
For the life you have called us to,
For the special gift of God
You are now, and will ever be,
Thank You. 

But there was no time to be sad, not with a house full needing fed and some serious bouncing to be done. And despite the rain, and a barbeque cooked under an umbrella in typical Irish style, it was a day to remember...and we even got a photograph with everyone looking  and smiling at the same time!


  1. That's a fabulous family picture. Own up did you stick all their feet to the floor to keep them still?

    1. Lol! That's actually a very good idea! The truth is it was a miracle in itself to get the snap- he put the camera on the tripod and then ran round to be in the pic himself....and it worked!

    2. What a great photo and what a proud moment!

    3. Thanks Sarah- it was indeed!

  2. Beautiful photo!! What shoes did you wear for such a special day??

    1. Oh Muireann- you ask all the right questions! I wore my sparkly Carvela peep toes since you're asking ;-)

  3. What a beautiful family picture. Your daughter is a lovely mix of the two of you, she is lovely. xx

  4. Looking beautiful Emma.