Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cartoon Moment #3

Dude-Good Work! Another classic from my bathroom book that's just plain funny....They'd better not try this one round here!

PS Thanks for all the lovely comments here on the blog, on Twitter and on Facebook about my 'bit of a buzzkill'  post the other day. Your honesty and warmth means a great deal, and it was lovely to hear that I wasn't alone in feeling a bit inadequate at times. 
I do wonder sometimes if I'm too honest- I know some would say I am- but I've usually found that in life, when I risk the embarrassment and put something out there, I get tenfold back in return. Sometimes people even say that they feel exactly the same, and as those old BT ads used to say "It's good to talk."
Later lovelies xx


  1. Your honesty allows us to be honest too.

  2. I'm glad your feeling better today and of course it's good to talk I just need to find the shut up button ;)

    1. Thank you honey and I could do with a shut up button myself:-)

  3. ha ha brilliant!!