Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Shoe of the Week #3

My inspiration this week is the greenest and most Irish of days in the whole of the year- St Patrick's Day on March 17th.

Although if I'm really honest, poor old St Patrick is just an excuse to showcase my fabulicious green, cat print, wedge shoes, trimmed with gold and silver piping, and wantonly adorned with jewels and pearls of every shape and size. But actually,  it seems to me they're much more appropriate for honouring our dear patron saint than a leprechaun hat and a fake ginger beard anyway.

Now I know they're a little OTT, and I suspect not for those of you who appreciate the sensible nature of a sturdy pair of Hush Puppies, because these do have it all going on. But IMHO, these delightful offerings from Irregular Choice are absolute works of art. They're 'Shoe Art',  if you will.
(Late last night, I even rather cleverly-or so I thought- coined the term 'Shart' in their honour. In fact, my working title for today was to be ' A Little Green Shart'  before I realised that the term was actually already in use, and refers to something altogether less wholesome.)

I've noticed that I tend to wear these shoes when I'm feeling a little down, not because they reflect my low mood but because they act as an antidote to it. I only have to glance down at my bejeweled tootsies and my inner sadness begins to lift.
 They're not reserved, as you might expect, for special occasions either, but rather are worn with jeans for school runs, up and down supermarket aisles and even on trips to the park. Comfortable, yes, but not slippers either- that wedge is higher than it looks!  So I don't wear them every day... but then I wouldn't want to either.

And now to price. We-ellllllll,  these darlings cost £140 new, which really isn't bad, given their high level of finish, adornment and detail. But okay, let's just cut right to the chase, because you know me well enough by now to know that I didn't pay that for them. Nope, it was in fact, a quare bit less than that.. like £100 less. *sigh* I know- an absolute steal!

So what do you think of them yourself?  Too hot, too cold or just right? I'd love to know.....Emx

PS. Final call!  If you haven't nominated me for the MAD Blog Awards 2014 could you take a minute and do it now as closing date is this Friday 14th? The categories of Best Writer, Most Entertaining or School Days seem to be the ones I fit into best.
Thanks loveliesxxxx

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  1. Oh my! I love those shoes!!


  2. They are nuts but i like them :)
    Soon as i saw the photo i knew they were irregular choice. I nearly bought a pair of high purple cats eye boots from there once but was not quite brave enough! x