Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Shoe of the Week #2

Next up on 'Shoe of the Week' is in complete contrast to the much less practical, but utterly fabulous, leopard beauties of  last week, but they're still pretty darn stylish in their own right.
It's a Converse shoe with a...wait for it...wedge heel.

I've always had a soft spot for Converse shoes, possibly because Himself wore them constantly in our early days. (FYI- he actually owned both a red and a purple pair and sometimes even wore ONE OF EACH COLOUR - the sheer madness of it!). So yes, I've always loved Converse...just not on me- they're too darn flat. Or so I thought...

Because a few short months ago, I discovered these wedges, and overnight they became one of the hardest working shoes in my wardrobe! The absolute best part is that you can wear them with pretty much everything AND they're comfortable too - which kinda makes them the holy grail of shoes, doesn't it? The thing is, until recently I didn't even know they existed, except in my dreams!

True story - waaaaay back, (okay two years ago), not long after I started writing this blog, I featured a very different pair of lace up wedges. (Larger than life leopard print and gold ones, which actually turned out to be surprisingly versatile). But, on that post, I broadcast a whimsical SOS  for this very type of shoe. Check it out if you don't believe me! One might even, quite reasonably, speculate that I managed to channel Converse designers using my psychic shoe abilities?

Anyway, fast forward to last November, and I'm walking down Newbury Street in Boston with my cousin and my sister, (Ooops, did I just drop something?), and unexpectedly came upon these babies in a shoe boutique. (Translation - a VERY small shoe shop.)
Well, I don't mind telling you that at first I thought I was seeing things. Imagine my incredulous joy when I realised that not only were they in my size, but they were also ON SALE......sometimes things are just meant to be, I suppose.

But as this is a very balanced piece of  writing, and not the OTT rantings of a shoe fanatic, (Himself told me to reel it in a bit), I'm now going to touch on the downsides of these particular shoes..... only I can't actually think of any. Except for a few obvious ones, like if it's really cold outside you'll need to wear thick socks because the canvas is quite thin, and to try not to get them wet, because they're not waterproof and your feet will get really cold if you do.

Aside from that, don't hesitate, just buy.  I even sourced them for you on here and it looks like
you'll pay about £60, which isn't bad, but this possibly isn't the best time to share with you that I only paid £20. What can I say - the pound was strong, and my guardian angel loves a bargain!
What about you - do you like or loathe them? I'd love to hear!
Laters lovelies xxx

 PS-Don't you just adore my shoe collage pics? I think I feel Pinterest coming on.

PPS- If you haven't done it already, could you take a wee minute and nominate me in any of the categories you think I fit into in the Mad Blog Awards 2014? I'm hoping it might be a case of three times a charm.Thank you - I very much appreciate it. xx

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  1. They are fab! Don't think I cud bring myself to pay £60 for them tho. I'm much too tight

  2. Getting em! Love converse but like your good self cant wear flats. My teenagers will be raging!

  3. I just knew I would love this shoe post thing...another gem. Never saw them ever before in a shop so check you - ahead of the curve! Oh and that linky tool was http://www.inlinkz.com/ - lets you do 4 free ones before asking for a subscription. Doesn't work on Wordpress but you could try it out here and then look for a plugin if you migrate over. Missing you on FB honey...but stay strong..we can do real life meet ups! x