Thursday, 30 January 2014

To Cormac

From ten pounds five to ten years old...I can hardly believe that you're into double figures already! 

You're undoubtedly my most studious, responsible and reliable child. I worry sometimes though, because you've a tendency towards perfectionism which is both your greatest asset and your harshest critic.
Relax and roll with it -occasionally things won't work out quite the way you thought they would, and that's okay. Sometimes, they work out even better in the long run.

You're such a good big brother. I'll never forget that from the day we brought Luke home from hospital, I'd find you lying beside his cot in the mornings, just holding his hand as he slept-his very own guardian angel.

Right now, it's your lot to share a room with a very untidy brother- your side of the room is neat as a pin, while his is a bomb site, and I know this drives you mad. You DO get your own back though - your ability to fart at will is a constant source of hilarity. Apparently it's a talent, or so you tell me.
Looking through old photos today, made me a little wistful for the gorgeous curly haired cherub you were, but I'm so proud and grateful for the big boy you've become.
I HAVE noticed that you're not as generous with the hugs and kisses these days -(I KNOW you're getting older so I'll just keep asking) - but when the notion takes you, they're as warm and as loving as they ever were.

So a very Happy 10th Birthday to you, my beautiful Cormac. Your Daddy and I look forward to watching you fly in the years ahead, (but you know we'll always be here to catch you if you fall). 

All my love Mummy xxx

(PS I hope you enjoy your new Kindle even though it hasn't got WiFi.... worth a try, kid, but it was never gonna happen-ask me again in five years!)



  1. What a beautiful post and WHAT a handsome boy.

    Happy10th Birthday Cormac, I hope you have a lovely day.

  2. Happy 10th Birthday to my gorgeous godson! 10 years already...where did that time go? A lovely piece Ems and a real tribute a special wee man xxxx

  3. What gorgeous curls! A very happy birthday to your beautiful boy :)
    It's strange how you can have children with such different personalities isn't, but then again i suppose its not strange at all! Hope you had a lovely day celebrating x

  4. Such a lovely post!!