Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Quicktakes

1. The younger kids got out of school today at 12 o'clock, and have been high on selection boxes and  excitement ever since. Actually though, they came home yesterday afternoon and assured me that their respective teachers had thoughtfully told them that they needn't bother coming in today- they should just have a nice long lie in instead. Aye right, like either of those two scenarios is ever going to happen.  So I was all 'Hmmmm, okay then, stay off if you like...but I've a list of jobs you'll be helping me with....and you'd just be playing and watching DVDs in school. Totally up to you though!' Needless to say, they decided to go into school.  Yours Truly, 1. Teachers, nil, I think.

Our Anna (14) and Rosa (1 week)
2. Welcome to the world, little miss Rosa Elizabeth Anne, my newest niece, and isn't she beautiful? Here's the oldest and youngest grandchildren together.... and there's sixteen more in between! They'll all be here on  Christmas morning, along with with my five siblings, their five spouses and our parents. Something tells me it's gonna be loud, crazy and a whole lot of fun!

3. I got my nails done this week for Christmas and I've been sneaking admiring glances at them ever since. You likey? They even stood up to making pastry, and  I'm pleased to report that they survived the ordeal unscathed... which is just as well really, cos let's face it,  no one wants a diamante bow in their mince pie.

4. Its been a week of lists, which I work my way through, then score out (or actually delete off my phone).  The problem is that as quick as I 'make mincepies', 'write cards', 'wrap presents', it's deleted and instantly replaced with something else. Today it's 'do Tesco shop','research city break', (sadly not for me) 'write blogpost', 'make pasta dish', 'shave legs'.  And I'm writing this first, obvs, so the legs may or may not make the cut, so to speak, if you will.

5. Finally, in the midst of all the madness here's a little musical treat for you.  It's my very favourite Christmas carol, and almost five years ago my sister Mary (baby Rosa's mammy) sang it had her own wedding. Imagine that! It was so very special, absolutely beautiful (as was she), and I'll always remember it as one of 'those moments'. Unfortunately, I don't have footage of her singing, but here's the next best thing- the Celtic so enjoy!
Finally, finally, a very Happy Christmas to you all, my lovelies, wherever you are and whoever you're with, I really hope it's a great one. Much love, Emma xx


  1. One up for mum - classic.
    New baby in the family - beautiful.
    New nails - beautiful.
    Never-ending lists - sympathy.
    O Holy Night - beautiful.

  2. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas - I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year :)
    Congratulations on your new niece Rosa, love the name and love the nails too! X

  3. Gorgeous new baby, nails and clean-shaven legs are not required at Christmas - we need the extra layer! Have a good one x