Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fancy a Nosy?

Confession time-I do enjoy a good nosy in other people's bathrooms, and yes, it's true, I may even have taken a furtive peek into the odd bathroom cabinet here and there, whilst giving the loo a time stalling extra flush. Only VERY occasionally, you understand and only if a cabinet looks especially alluring, or so blandly ordinary, it has to be a cover. (Stalk much?)

 So, just before I expertly move this conversation right along, it goes without saying that I do fully observe the Bathroom Nosiness Etiquette Guidelines  - take a person's ensuite for instance. THAT special bio break area, my friends, is definitely off limits, a no fly zone, if you will, because what goes on in the ensuite, stays in the ensuite. Can I get an Amen?

Anyways, I've got completely derailed - what this little post was meant to be was an insight into our downstairs loo and  not my warped little mind.  Specifically, a sneaky peek at our bathroom window sill.  (Not even the cabinet! But as we don't actually have one in there so I'm afraid this'll have to do.) Aren't you beyond excited?

I always think the little bits and bobs around a bathroom tell a lot about a person/family. For example, my friend's Dad used to read astronomy books in the loo, and Readers Digest was always very popular in my in laws' house. ( Where does one even procure a Reader's Digest these days?) My Mum 's is a graveyard for old pot pourri- when it no longer smells but she just can't bear to throw it out, it winds up in wicker baskets all around the downstairs loo.

Back to the windowsill, as you can see, there's a selection of books, a scented candle (for obvious reasons) and a cute little  bouquet of flowers. Now, even though you may not be able to tell from the picture, those particular flowers will never smell or need their water changing because they're 100% fake. In fact, those  babies have already done their time...on a grave at the top of our road. A few months ago, they were actually in the skip at the bottom of the graveyard, when they were lovingly retrieved by, Yep you guessed it, our very own resident dumpster diver, Rory. So what are you gonna do when they're handed to you with a face beaming with pride and a heart filled with love? Yep, you pony up, get yourself a vase and stick them in the downstairs loo.

So, onto the books, and we've got quite the selection here, so Peeps, surely you must be reassured to
know that if you're ever caught short, or simply wish to while away a few hours in our
loo, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to reading material.

Enough Said.
First up, we have Sophie Dahl's latest cookbook, which a friend very kindly gave to me. In there is the only time I have to look at it, and I promise myself  that I'll definitely make that penne with almond goat's curd parsley pesto, or the grilled peaches with ricotta and toasted pistachios. (However, to date, I' haven't actually got round to it.).

It also gives me time to curse the fact that she always looks serene, unharried and ethereally beautiful. And she can cook really well. And write. So, then  I rush to comfort myself with the fact that her husband, Jamie Callum is knee high to a grass hopper. I mean, each to her own, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but honestly, that gal is over 6 feet tall and he's like a wee lad, no matter how well he croons and plays the piano.(I know, I'm just not mincing the words today!)

We've also got Luke's favourite 'toilet' book on there-the fab 'Monkey Puzzle', which is the last of the dozen that lived there while we were VERY actively  potty training. Thankfully, that box is now well and truly ticked, so the need for extensive potty themed reading material has diminished.

You might also spot 'The Preschooler's Busy Book-365 Creative Games and Activities to keep your 3 to 6 year old busy.' Does that not make you feel tired just thinking about it? I bought it about ten years ago in the States and I'm not proud to admit that I've never done anything out of it. Yes, I am officially the worst mother ever born when it comes to crafts. I flick through it regularly and think, that crayon melt prints one sounds pretty easy-I'll do it on the very next rainy day.... which is usually the very next day, and yet somehow it doesn't actually happen.

Just one of many..
There's also a joke book of 500 simply hilaire jokes (No, not really but the boys love them), and then there's my very favourite bathroom book of all-this one's definitely a keeper. It's a book of parenting cartoons that was given to us by my cousin Anne when we lived in Reston and it still makes us laugh- it just nails the whole parenting thing every time!

Finally, there's a few framed kids' paintings on the wall (No, they're not all in the great recycling bin in the sky), but this one's my particular favourite. It's Rory's monster from P1- he described it to us as 'A Monster Waving' although I'd describe it somewhat differently,  more of  'A Monster flicking the Double Bird'.
 Later lovelies xxxx


  1. I could have told you all that from the last time I visited...yes nosy parker number two(parden the pun) was in your loo for WAY TOOO LONG lol xx

  2. Your fiction is improving. Keep up the good work.