Wednesday, 6 March 2013

THAT Lily Charmed Necklace - A Review

When it comes to jewellry, my working hypothesis is 'the bigger the better.' I love big, 'in your face' statement pieces- necklaces that jingle when you walk, knuckle duster rings in all colours, chunky studded bracelets-that's the kind of adornment that floats my boat! If  you ever look at a piece of jewellry and think 'that's just waaaaay too much',  then rest assured, I'd probably love it.

Who said it had to be true??
Which is why I surprised myself by falling for the gorgeous, delicately detailed Lily Charmed necklaces and bracelets. I mean, this is proper, ladylike, sterling silver jewellry...and I love it!
On their website, you choose one of theirs, or design your own perfect piece for a particular person or occasion, then you get to personalise the message and the packaging- so much more thoughtful than just buying off the shelf!
 Best of all, they won't break the bank, ranging from £20-£35, with free (and fast!) UK delivery. Sure you couldn't beat it with a big stick!
 Not wishing to rub your nose in it, (I SO do), I chose this beautiful crown necklace to review and it arrived beautifully personalized and packaged, in loads of time for  Mother's Day.

A bit too 'carry on' ?
Is that a tear?
Which now I think about it, completely lets Loverboy off the hook, because I'm simply going to give it to him...to give to the kids...to give it to me next Sunday for Mother's Day. (That'll be before I get cracking on dinner for 19!). And just between you and me, I've even been practicing my 'surprised' face in anticipation...Work it baby!


  1. So pretty Emma and I don't think it does let him off the hook - if anything you deserve something extra for letting him off the hook .... hmmm, that makes sense to me anyway ;)

  2. I've got to the point where I nearly always get my own presents. Is that sad? Or wise? Not sure..... Great face. Perfect!! Xx

  3. Wise I'd say...I often do the same...I think he got fed up with me asking for the receipt!!