Thursday, 2 August 2012

True Companion

Him and Me, Me and Him.
Sixteen years ago today, I married you, the love of my life.
Sixteen freakin' years ago!
 A lifetime.. no, five lifetimes ago, as it turned out.
 I've loved you, since we were still at school, before we even knew it was love..  we only knew that it was special.
 I've loved you my entire adult life, when there was only the glimpse and promise of the man and father you would one day become.
I've loved you, before I  knew that I could be hurt by love, before I knew that most weren't like you, before I could become weary and cynical.
 I always knew that we were lucky though, and the older I get, the more blessed I feel.
 Not to say that it's always been easy, but it's always, always been worth it.
It just felt right. We felt right and still do. I hope that it will always be this way.  I hope that all of it so far, has just been our first act.
 This song was meant to be the first dance at our wedding....but then I bottled it, because of the racy bit in the middle.. and I was young and my Granny was there... and the band only knew 'Have I told you Lately'..anyway.
So sixteen years later, here it is, especially for you, always my true companion. xxx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp6zoc84NcU


  1. So lovely, Emma.

  2. Never mind your 16 freakin years, I'm in freakin tears! Really lovely - very lucky man. There aren't too many of us would open our hearts like that!

    You'd love this wee beauty Emma - if only I'd had his email address 2 weeks ago. lol xxx - Together Forever

  3. Emma, your gift for writing is only superseded by your gift for love.
    This is a precious, moving love letter.
    Thank you for sharing, and for teaching your children what a loving marriage is all about.


  4. beautiful picture - i like your blog - best wishes

  5. That is so lovely Emma! Congratulations you two sweethearts! xx

  6. How beautiful! You are a very lovely and lucky couple x

    Mags x

  7. Beautifully written - sniffing in the office here Emma!
    Congratulations to you both :-)

    J x

  8. It's hard to respond to this in public. But I am only slightly aware of just how lucky I am. Always yours - Damian.

  9. That's just absolutely lovely Emma. You and Horns were and are made for each other. The real thing, forever. Happy 16th wedding anniversary! I still remember that day vividly! xxx

  10. Congratulations you 2 lovebirds.... hope you manage to squeeze in a wee Mr and Mrs moment caravan stylee....! and what a lovely tribute to loverboy Em, so true at so many levels and really beautifully written. Hats off to you for that fantastic skill and to the 2 of you for knowing what you had was so special when you'd have been young enough to be forgiven for messing it up! xx

  11. Aww that's lovely. Happy Anniversary x

  12. Aw shucks- thanks for all the lovely compliments- I'm blushing now *pink cheeks*

  13. Just lovely . Could just about read it through the sniffles & tears!