Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lookalike meme

Sarah Miles for Hello Wall tagged me in a meme, (that's pronounced meem- why can't I remember?), whereby you share the famous people you've been told that you resemble ....no matter how attractive or unattractive they may be, so here goes. No sniggering at the back please.

 1. Belinda Carlisle- once when I was about 19, I was told I look like 'Ooo heaven is a place on earth' Belinda, although I'm pretty sure the comparison was made before she dropped the five stone. Never mind....

2.  My dentist once told me that I looked like Sinead Quinn. Remember her? The Fame Academy finalist from Fermanagh? As Sinead was ten years younger and 2 stone lighter, I was well chuffed...so I booked in for crowns.

  3. Mistresses- when this fabulously OTT series began several people said I reminded them of Sharon Small, who played Trudi. (Remember the mummy one who baked loads and married the creepy guy?) But she was still a bit of a MILF, so I was secretly thrilled.

As if...
4. Joan from Mad Men. To be fair, it was only the once and drink had been taken at the time. But I'm SO putting it in here and you're not allowed to laugh. What can I say only I so wish!

 5. Lastly, but perhaps most cruelly accurate, as I climbed out of the shower, nine months pregnant, two year Cormac pointed at me and unmistakably called me Tinky Winky. Not my finest hour. I wept bitterly and then had a muffin.
 How about you? Do you resemble anyone famous?
And in the spirit of this meme, I shall now tag three others, so over to Sew Fi, Belfast Mummy and School Gate Style .....


  1. Many years ago I was likened to Scully (as in Mulder& Scully 80's detective series), Charlotte Church (my favourite likeness!) and wait for it......from the very short hair days..... Ann Diamond!!!! (wasn't soooo chuffed about this one). Now can you guess which of your chums this is????😄

    1. Oh Lordy... I can't guess. Put me out of my misery please.....

  2. Well - I'm a fan of all these ladies, except #5. Joan in particular is always welcome in our house :-)

  3. Brilliant, I have been told Sarah Ferguson, x wife of prince andrew and red from fraggle rock!

  4. Haha- love it! Especially Fraggle rock!