Friday, 13 July 2012

Key Words

You know, I'm really chuffed that a growing number of people are reading this wee blog, no matter how they happened upon it, and it's even better if they decide to pop back again and pass the time of day!
I must admit though, it always makes me laugh how some folks stumble across my blog by accident- by typing  certain key words into Google. For example, someone recently found it by typing in 'roomy hips'....and I don't mind telling you I was affronted...not least because it's true!
 Some searches make more sense than others -unsurprisingly 'caramel squares' is a big favourite and 'leopard print shoe wedge' pops up more often than you might think!
 Other more 'out there' searches, have included the priceless 'Gerard Depardieu front tooth missing', 'beach sexy for unfit' and 'camping insulated butter dish'. I love it! It always gives me a giggle, and sometimes I wonder if any of them actually stick around...I do hope so!


  1. I started following you when I heard your interview on the radio. I love it, keep up the good work

    Andrea x

  2. Me too!! I love blogs and how u can write the random things and there's others out ther thinking the same things!!