Monday, 25 June 2012

Hotels with Kids...a whole new world!

going on my holliers...
 I think that it would be fair to say that our children don't get to stay in hotels very often. The first time was particularly memorable- we stayed in a Premier Inn somewhere in England last year, while attending a relative's birthday party. With officially waaaay too much family going on, for the so called 'family' room, getting the crew past hotel reception was our first challenge. So after much discussion, we decided to 'divide and conquer', as in 'stay in the car, gimme 5 minutes, then bring in the rest of them', and it really worked a treat.
 That night the party was great craic, although unfortunately the birthday girl didn't actually make it to her own celebrations- she got waylaid at home by her daughter, who was inconveniently delivering a 7th child in her bath at the time. I suppose you can't just pop your head around the bathroom door at that point and say 'That's us now, love. We're off. Don't wait up!'
Later on at the party, just after the mini pizzas, it was announced that baby Wulfric had been born, (entirely naturally), weighing in at an eye watering sixteen pounds! Well, what could we partygoers do only wet his (very large) head?
 Things weren't so upbeat in our overcrowded hotel room later on though-stuffed full of candy floss, cake and coke, a groaning Rory sat up abruptly and hurled all over a sleeping Cormac. At some level, I obviously registered 'Code Barf', and leapt out of bed, completely disorientated, stubbing my toe hard on the travel cot right beside me. The jolt and my subsequent screams of pain, unsurprisingly woke six month old Luke from his slumbers, and as you can imagine, it was all fun and games from there.
Take it from me, there's few things more sobering than cleaning up vomit drenched boys at 3am, and there's few things worse, than nursing the emerging hangover, in that same small airless hotel room, heavy with the lingering aroma of fresh gack.
Later at breakfast, the boys had bounced right back, (unlike us!), and were busy testing the limits of the 'bottomless breakfast' hotel deal.  Well used to heavy sanctions at home, they made it their sole mission to devour the hotel's entire supply of cocoa pops. Jude alone, managed 6 full bowls. Their poor cousin, arriving after the scavengers onslaught, was understandably gutted to be left with the pitiful choice of Weetabix or cornflakes.
 Our second brief hotel stay was just a few months ago for a family wedding. It should be said that this time, it was in a MUCH fancier hotel, and we had wisely opted for adjoining rooms. The kids were beside themselves with all the freebies- Easter eggs, bottles of water, biscuits, toiletries...there was even a toilet bag with a cuddly penguin and a toothbrush in it for them. But, clearly unused to the concept of hotels in general, and especially those of the 5* variety, the younger two naturally assumed that anything not nailed down was indeed theirs for the taking. In fact, I discovered Rory stashing 'this lovely book', (The Holy Bible), into his case, while Cormac was found squeezing the origami swan shaped towels into his. It seemed that everything in the room was fair game- Rory actually pondered aloud whether the very lamps would match our living room...and whether he could possibly fit them into his case.
Now I've whittered on enough, and I never even got to tell you about last weekend, when my parents, siblings, spouses and our collective twelve children descended en masse to a hotel in Donegal. I'll save that wee gem for another time, but in the meantime, here's a picture taken en route from the front of the car. All I can say is, thank God for in -car DVD players.

Peace, perfect peace.
 And no, they weren't watching Chain Saw Massacre- it was a Disney flick, about a dog that runs away or something. Who gives a shit? Because what you see there my friends, is 2 hours of blissfully quiet car time...just before two whole days of fabulous madness. Happy Monday Amigosxx .


  1. You should be very proud of those boys and their resourcefulness! Would love the in car dvd players but they make our ones travel sick! So have to just bring ear plugs instead.

    1. Never thought of it like that....such a shame about the DVD player though!

  2. In car DVD player's are a God send x

    1. You'll get no argument from me there, Susan!