Thursday, 24 March 2011

Week 3-Day 4-Float like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee!

Damien D was in England for a few days this week, but left me clear instructions as to what he expected me to do while he was away, thus completely dashing my hopes for a bit of 'me time' ,which didn't involve getting into horrible workout clothes and becoming redfaced and sweaty. However, like the good Convent girl I am, I pretty much did as I was told. The orders were to do the 3 mile loop (which incidentally thanks to my ipod app with GPS I now know to be actually 3.2 miles so I'm speedier than I thought!!) and an (overly, I felt) long list of exercises using weights, and finishing up with SEVEN sets of ten situps. So on both days, I did the loop in just over 41 minutes (I'm still working out how to stop the app so I can't be more accurate than that). This was marginally faster than before and I have the condescending woman off the app, (interrupting my music and reminding me every 5 minutes how slow I am), to thank for that. I'm afraid I gave the extra stuff a miss on Tuesday (so shoot me!), but I did follow it to the letter on Wednesday, and even did a few extras to make up for Tuesday (that's a lie- I just made some toast).
On to today, I woke up with a sore throat,dosed myself with a Lemsip and a few soluble aspirin and I was good to go but feeling a bit sorry for myself. Damien arrived and off we went on the (3.2m remember!) loop which we did in 42 minutes. We ran for parts of it but I'm still nowhere near running the whole lot yet-to be honest I don't know if I ever will be. I was having a good think on this as I was out on my Jalk yesterday (Walk/Jog-like it?) and I know a lot of this is psychological-when I'm running I'm SO aware of that fact that I begin to panic a little bit  and then find it hard to think of anything else. I am also running sooo slowly that the only way to slow down is to stop! When I'm walking, I think a lot so I'm distracted  and when I push myself and get puffed out, I can slow down the pace. It's hard to slow down the pace when you're running slower than you can walk-seriously! It's a tough one-the obvious answer is-'Run Faster Slow Mo!'  but I'm not sure that's physically possible for me right now. Answers on a postcard please....
The second half of the session was really tough but really exhilarating. After a lot of stretching I got the boxing gloves on and did about 6 rounds of boxing-so far so good -only this time not only was I jabbing away, I was also bouncing on my toes a little bit and moving back and forth (Damien almost ended up in the hedge at one point-now that would have been a Kodak moment!). In between rounds there was squatting and lots of other leg work (sore thighs tomorrow methinks!) Finally, lots more stretches to finish. It was tough-a real cardiovascular workout but really good especially outside on a beautiful, sunny Spring morning in the countryside. Damien said it was the toughest workout yet so he's promised me an easy session at the gym tomorrow-a 'colouring in' day , he said. I'm really not sure whether to believe him or not, (there was a cheeky smile on his face when he said it) but I'll tell all tomorrow. Ciao, Emmaxx

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