Monday, 21 March 2011

Week 3-Day 1 Rainy Days and Mondays get me down...

 Quickish update-I had a VERY strenuous workout on Friday morning at the gym, with Damien Denny (my Personal Trainer, don't ya know),  then I went out Friday night and ended up throwing a few moves on the dance floor (which I so count as a bonus workout incidently).Nor was I on my own ( you know who you are-mentioning no names...)but let's just say we strutted our stuff!  So onto Saturday morning-as well as feeling a bit 'tired' from the night before, I also woke up ACHING from my gym bunny workout, and baby Luke, very thoughtlessly, was grisly and teething-a winning combination, you'll agree.  By that evening however, I went out (unprompted) on my  3 mile walk/run, purely guilt motivated, and did it in about 42 minutes-hardly flying I know but I probably ran (in little teeny tiny steps) for about half of it. Sunday, I did absolutely nothing exercise wise but I did  however, eat a lot of birthday cake (chocolate caterpillar from M&S-I'm only human!).   
So this morning, I woke up in a bit of a grouch, just because it's Monday, and I felt I'd sabotaged my efforts with a weekend cakefest (there was a different one on Friday night/Saturday-Jam sponge, also M&S....step away from the cake, Emma), and because the more I record my thoughts, the more I think my default mood is a bit, well, moody. So it was a grumpy gob who opened the door to Damien D this morning-lucky old him. We set off first round the loop (using my new iphone app for the first time-thank you LoverBoy!) and it was just hard-hard on my legs, hard on my feet, hard on my lazy arse that just wanted to sit on the couch, and probably pretty damn hard on Damien, who quietly assessed the situation, shifted gear and without my noticing, distracted and  motivated me and suddenly it was turning into a proper workout and not at all the waste of time I had though it might have been. On reflection,  I can see that this might have been a turning point for me- if I didn't have Damien D appearing like my fairy godfather (or a bad smell-take your pick!!) , I would have just thought F*** it, and not experienced what turned out to be a pretty tough but satisfying workout. It's teaching  me to understand that I can start off feeling a bit low, or PMTed, or knackered (Luke's still teething!) and turn it around with a good workout. The mood is definitely improved , I feel better physically and I don't feel as hard on myself as I did earlier-so that's all good.
As usual, I digress though -we did the loop in 42 minutes-not too bad. After inhaling a glass of water, it was straight into the boxercise-outside today-  and it felt great to be punching away in the fresh air (By the way it's bloody hard to jab AND move forward and back at the same time-either that or I'm hopelessly uncoordinated) We did about 6 rounds of that, then it was bingo wing time, using the weights, and between that and the boxing, I worked really hard! In an over enthusiastic moment, I let slip that my legs weren't perhaps as sore as I may have implied earlier, and Damien, without hesitation, had me up and down the few steps onto the deck holding weights, until I was crying for mercy. Then it was 50 situps and we were done. I'll also have an opportunity to test my commitment to the programme over the next few days, as Damien is away but has thoughtfully left me CRYSTAL clear instructions as to what I have to do.  Having to record it here for posterity should also motivate me further. Have a good Monday Friends, Emmaxx
NB If you're feeling brave enough, Damien Denny Personal Trainer Extraordinaire is currently taking on more clients, so if you're interested his number is 07858519213. Go on, I dare you!

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