Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Quicktakes

1. I'm absolutely loving 'In the Club' on Tuesday nights. I know its corny and unrealistic - the sheets stay discreetly over the mammy's knees while giving birth, and the babies all come out perfectly clean -but all the twists and turns in the tangled relationships have me hooked.

Loverboy's into it too - he won't admit it, but I've totally clocked him watching while pretending to read the BBC news website. Actually, now I think about it, he's had a wee thing for Hermione Norris since her Cold Feet days.....

2.  I must admit - the last few weeks in August were loooong-  boredom had set in, the bickering had escalated, and to top it off the weather turned a bit crap - I was SO ready for the schools to go back.

 What I wasn't so sure about was the wee man starting P1 - it's a whole new phase for both of us, and I'm ready..mostly.....far more importantly though- HE is. Spread your wings and fly, baby.

3.  We're into another new stage with our girly too. No deets, except that there's a boy on the scene and a whole lot of  hand holding going on. (No, nothing else....Loverboy has a shotgun).

But now, suddenly, there're requests for a social life to deal with, and boundaries being pushed and even more messaging on her phone.We're learning as we go along to walk that very fine line of  freedom with restrictions, trust with strings attached.

And now I'm remembering long ago discos in St Gerard's and an 11 o'clock curfew with Daddy waiting patiently outside in the car....Oh, the embarrassment of it all.

Now tonight HER Daddy will be waiting outside, and it's all come full circle.

4. Boogie in the booster -  this ones for you, big girl. Uncle Robbie says all I want to...only in a much cooler way.
My lovely, listen carefully, keep it in mind, and  you'll be grand.


  1. lol i watch it too - forgot we are twins lol you'd think with 10 between us we'd be fed up with babies lol

    you r baby pushing boundaries, and i'm trying to remember how strict i was at the start of all this as my baby is having that flipping social life too!!!

    marksies with no lukey will be strange

  2. I'm watching that too and loving it. Some of it is spot on and the more far-fetched does occasionally happen. A colleague on mat leave just had her baby, at a Texaco petrol station, as she didn't make it to the hospital in time! Mother and baby both well, but a definite TV plot line.

  3. Might give In the Club a try, I am looking for a new show to get into at the moment and love all that unrealistic, corny stuff.
    11pm curfews with Dad waiting outside!! I remember those. Oh the embarrassment!