Monday, 1 September 2014


I heart coffee, I really do....in a 'I can't live without it and don't want to anyway' kinda way. A friend  once told me  'Don't be a snob about anything...except coffee,' and I absolutely agree.

The truth is, I'd rather drink tea than instant coffee now, (and that's saying something), even though I guzzled that shit down for years.

Maybe its a bit like the rank wine we happily knocked back, luke warm, from plastic cups as students - Blue Nun anyone? We just didn't know any better and let's face it, alcohol was alcohol but once I discovered Villa Maria, I could never go back.

Anyway, over the years we've tried every coffee making device known to man - percolator (great for serving big numbers), cafetiere (good quality but way too much waste), filter machines (okay if you like it brewed to death), and finally last Christmas, after poring ('scuse the pun) over 'Which' online we bit the bullet and went for a Gaggia ...just like Starbucks, only smaller.

But, erm,.....call me a dizzy ginger, but I haven't actually learned how to use it yet. It's got an instruction booklet like an encyclopedia and somehow I've never been arsed found the time to read it. Anyway, it's really Loverboy's baby and to give him credit, he does make a mean cup of coffee complete with a lovely foamy milk on top.

I know I shouldn't say this but *whispers* it all seems like an awful lot of bother to me - all that rinsing and filling and clanking and banging metal attachment thingies against the sink, and don't get me started on the (inevitable)  sprinkling of coffee and little brown puddles on the worktop. (He'll deny that of course, but we all know its true.)

Then this summer, I threw myself into finding a Caravilla coffee solution. Cafetieres were our previous option, but there was always way too much coffee if I made a big one, and nowhere near enough with the small one AND it cooled down really quickly regardless.

So yet again, I hacked into my Dad's online 'Which' account and began my research. An hour later and I'd sourced, selected and bought a dinky little Dolce Gusto pod coffee machine - and the truth is my life is now complete. How I have lived until now without this beauty, I simply don't know. In fact, I've now become so attached that I had withdrawal symptoms when I last left it at the Caravilla, but blessedly it's now happily tucked in beside Himself's big brute of a thing at home.

I love it so much that if our house was on fire, after my family, and my leopard print spiky shoes (obvs), it would honestly be the first thing I'd save. Coffee to die for, easy peasy to use, and lots of choice, I ask you, what's not to love?
(PS Just a thought but I could SO go on TV and sell this baby. I'd be cheap too-they could pay me in coffee pods!)


  1. I'm totally with you on the whole 'rather drink tea than instant coffee thing'. I've toyed with buying my King of Coffee Snobbery husband a coffee machine every birthday, and then decided to stick to our stove top Italian thing that is bloomin hard to undo and screw up, but DOES make good coffee. BUT i'm now tempted after reading this. How much was it (hope you don't mind me asking?) And how does it compare to those slimline Nespresso things in terms of cost of pods...? (sorry, had to ask!).

    1. Hi Siobhan!! I love it as much as ever and I totally lucked out and got it on Amazon half price at £50! The nespresso pods I also get delivered from amazon and I think they work out about 20p a cup! Hope this helps with your decision, Emma