Friday, 16 May 2014

Shoe of the Week #8 -A Tale of two Sandals

Update-Part 1

Reader, I bought them. After an evening perusing Fly London's entire sandal range, while half watching Posh Pawn- ( I wish I could discover an ugly looking necklace in my drawer worth ten grand)-I opted for these beauties.

They ticked all my style boxes AND I got thirty noops off the £80 price tag- I mean seriously, how could I not? And having worn them exclusively for the last three days, I can vouch that they're super comfortable too, despite blessedly being neither Birkenstocks or Crocs ( aka the ugliest shoes on the planet.)

I decided on the red, after somewhat excessive deliberation, but it was a tough choice because they also come in a gorgeous acid yellow and beautiful aqua tones. Eventually though,  I decided that the red would clash least with my bluey white ankles work best with my skin tone.

Part 2
In the interests of full disclosure, I should also mention another teensy purchase which arrived all the way from China earlier in week. (It was a late night purchase...there may or may not have been wine involved).

Ahem, remember all that stuff I said last week about high heeled sandals being terribly impractical yada, yada, yada? Well, scratch that, because I'm now the new owner of the silliest and least practical high heeled sandals ever made.

 But while the mere thought of navigating these bad boys around the caravan site is frankly laughable, there must surely be an exception to every sensible rule, non? Or have I lost the plot and gone a step too far...so to speak... if you will?

I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure yet what to wear them with, except that I know it should be fairly understated, because these babies will be doing all the talking. Comfort wise, they're better than they look, probably because of the humoungus wedge platform thing going on, but they're still firmly in the 'car to bar' category, with an elevated risk of ankle fractures.

Another slightly unnerving aspect was the creaky sound effects while parading them around the bedroom for Himself, and I wondered aloud  if this possibly had to do with the fact that they're made for a teeny weeny chinese lady and not a chubby big boned Irish woman, but (with a snigger)  he assured me that a squirt of WD40 will work wonders.

 NOT that any of this will stop me wearing them of course,  because despite, or possibly because, of their showy, zebra, squeaky mad heeliness, they are utterly fabulous, dahling!
 Look, if I wanted Hush Puppies, I'd have bought them!

Have a good weekend, my lovelies, Emxx


  1. Loving the Fly and the others could be used as bookends if all else fails to cure the squeak x

  2. Oh Emma, you're a geg! If it was anyone else, I'd say step away from the wooden sandals but I think you'll totally rock them. Though I see Paid in Chicken's bookends and raise her a pair of sturdy yet stylish shelf brackets...x

  3. I'm in love with those red sandals. Wud give interesting tan lines - shud we ever see some sun - but they're gorgeous.

  4. I have some red FLY sandals which I love - so comfy and go with everything - well worth the price tag! Look at that last pair - you're such a style guru! I am somewhat concerned as to how you will ever walk in them though lol!