Thursday, 29 May 2014

From the Mouths of Babes....

A week ago there were local elections here in Northern Ireland *yawn* Listening to the radio in the car, the newsreader is discussing the European election results when suddenly from the back an outraged Rory splutters,
 'What!! Martina Anderson got in? I can't believe she got in!'
Me startled because a) I'm pretty sure he can't even spell politics b) I'd no idea he felt so strongly about any of the candidates..
'Why Rory? How did you know Martina Anderson ? And who would you have voted for then?
Rory (incredulous) -Sure, She's that one on all the posters who never smiles! She looks like this *pulls a face*  Sooooo grumpy!  I'd NEVER have voted for her! I'd have voted for that Quinn one - at least she's happy and enjoying herself, or that one Catney- he looks awesome.'

Who says campaign posters don't work? And you know what? He was right too!


  1. She was known in our house as 'the stern one' :)

  2. Too funny. Reminds me of my son at about the same age who told me that he would vote for "King Beazley, 'cos I think we should have a King". He wouldn't believe me that the politician's name was actually Kim Beazley.