Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Quicktakes

1. Oh my goodness- I'd forgotten how disruptive and messy home improvement is! It's been a week of making tea and small talk, peeling off wallpaper, washing curtains  and cleaning up dust. There's been no space for homeworks,  the tv remote and phone have gone AWOL and we've eaten breakfast for dinner.  Midweek my kitchen looked like this and I wondered if we were mad in the head to pull down perfectly serviceable wallpaper & replace it with utter chaos. But just a few days later and we're definitely coming out the other side. There's still loads to be done but its now it feels brighter, fresher..and mine! Who knew a lick of paint could be so therapeutic AND the effects last longer than a facial and massage!

2. The paint will barely be dry when we host our first party this afternoon. Talk about up to the wire! Luke's birthday party has long been scheduled for today, and I'll admit to being a teensy bit concerned earlier in the week as to how I could possibly throw a party for 20 kids amid such chaos. Now, let's just say I'm quietly confident we'll be able to pull it out of the bag-if 'Sleeping Bunnies' doesn't cut it, 'Gangnam Style' surely will and with a Percy Pig cake and sweets thrown in (thank you M&S!), sure we'll be grand!

3. On that very same note- my baby is three!! Three! A babe no more, he's now a fully fledged, potty trained (this never gets old) chatty little toddler-man. Even though we have our power struggles from time to time-he believes he's the boss of me and vice versa- he's my shadow and constant companion.

Tired out!
This week alone, I've been dragging him from one carpet warehouse to another, and still he turned to me and said 'Mammy, I just LOVE carpets!'.... which is just as well because we hit another two places in the afternoon.

The little gent

I really love this age, more than the baby phase if I'm honest...the problem is it flies by far too quickly! You turn around and suddenly they're big boys who run outside to play without a cuddle or even a backward glance, and I know that someday he will too...but not just yet. Happy 3rd birthday to my funny, stubborn, beautiful, brown eyed boy xx

4. This week's Booster Seat Boogie has to be a song which will always remind me of our Lukey, most especially the words at the very beginning. Unlike our first four, we decided to find out we were having a boy on a wet day late in 2009...then this song came on the radio on our way home. Enjoy and happy Friday my lovelies, Emmaxx


  1. Happy Birthday Luke!

  2. Happy birthday luke - we need to squeeze in a few more dates for brekky before you to the the big nursery school!!! Xx

  3. Oh, that is a gorgeous pic of you exhausted! I have one similar but I am looking at the camera, well my husband behind the camera, with a look of 'if you EVER come near me again......'

    Hope it all goes well xx

  4. Good Luck with all the DIY - pretty challenging with all those boys about the place. Hope you all enjoyed the party and the Peppa Pig cake! bee x